MetaQuotes and Prop Trading – What’s the Matter?

MetaQuotes Software Corporation, the renowned developer behind the widely used MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, has recently drawn attention with its cautious approach to proprietary trading. MetaQuotes has been steadfast in its reservations about this sector.

The question is, why? Let’s find out. 

Why Do MetaQuotes Have An Aversion to Prop Trading?

There are four major reasons for MetaQuotes’s aversion to prop trading:

1. Lack of Regulatory Environment

Proprietary trading operates within a unique business model where firms trade using their capital, often without external oversight, akin to traditional investment entities. This characteristic places prop trading in a regulatory grey area, leaving room for potential misuse and exploitation.

MetaQuotes is acutely aware of the regulatory complexities surrounding financial markets and is wary of facilitating activities that may skirt regulatory oversight. The unregulated nature of prop trading raises concerns about market integrity, investor protection, and systemic risk—issues that MetaQuotes is keen to avoid being associated with.

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2. Lack of Oversight and Approval

One of MetaQuotes’ key concerns is that prop trading activities typically do not require explicit approval or oversight from platform providers like MetaQuotes. This lack of oversight makes it easier for prop firms to conduct their activities without adherence to established rules and regulations.

From MetaQuotes’ perspective, this poses a significant risk to the integrity of their platforms and brand reputation. Allowing prop trading without oversight could lead to misuse of their technology, potential legal liabilities, and reputational damage.

3. MetaQuotes’ Commitment to Platform Integrity

The company opposes prop trading to maintain platform integrity and regulatory standards. The company strives to ensure that its platform is used responsibly and complies with applicable laws and regulations.

MetaQuotes avoids unregulated prop trading to protect its brand and maintain trust with users and regulators. 

4. Active Onboarding of U.S Clients 

MetaQuotes’ stance on proprietary trading is also tied to its commitment to regulatory compliance and platform integrity, especially in markets like the USA where stringent oversight is in place. 

MetaQuotes acknowledges the need for prop trading platforms to obtain regulatory approval for offering MetaTrader 5 services to active US clients, even for educational purposes. Prop firms currently lack this approval when onboarding U.S. clients, which is why MetaQuotes is going harsh on prop firms. 


While prop trading may offer good opportunities, MetaQuotes prioritises responsible usage of its platforms and adherence to regulatory standards. MetaQuotes aims to maintain integrity and transparency in prop trading by proactively addressing unregulated practices.

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