Match-trade and Match-prime Expand Presence in the MENA Region

In a strategic move to fortify their presence in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, Match-Prime Liquidity and Match-Trade Technologies proudly announce the inauguration of their joint office in Dubai. This marks a significant milestone in their commitment to better serve and engage with clients in the dynamic MENA market.

Dubai Hub to Strengthen MENA Presence

The Dubai office was established to cater specifically to clients in the MENA region. This move reflects the companies’ dedication to better connections, regional understanding, and support for their clients.

Benefit to the MENA Traders

Here’s what the Match-trade and Match-prime’s new office has to offer to the traders in the MENA region.

Tailored and Responsive Service

With the inauguration of the Dubai office, MENA traders are set to experience a service uniquely tailored to their requirements. The MENA market benefits from our local presence creating a more responsive and adaptive support system.

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Enhanced Prop-trading Experience

Match-Trade’s proprietary trading platform offers turnkey solutions that enable traders to enhance their capabilities. The platform has been developed in collaboration with top proprietary trading technology experts, offering cutting-edge solutions.

Advanced Liquidity Platform

Match-Prime provides a high-end, tech-driven liquidity solution that caters to the traders’ unique liquidity needs. Users can view refresh time, market depth, available instruments, and average spreads without connecting to the platform.

Enhanced Overall Trading Experience

MENA traders will experience an improved overall trading experience as we establish the Dubai office. The MENA region can offer clients a more satisfactory trading experience with personalized solutions that cater to their needs.

About Match-Trade

Match-Trade Technologies offers a comprehensive technology ecosystem for forex trading centered around their exclusive platform, Match-Trader. Their team of business consultants and partnership with a regulated Liquidity Provider provide a complete solution for Forex Brokers.

About Match-Prime

Match-Prime is a CySEC-regulated liquidity provider specializing in serving professional and institutional clients. They offer a unique blend of deep, multi-asset liquidity for over 2,000 instruments coupled with ultra-fast connectivity. The advanced Match-Trader PRO platform ensures seamless integration with popular trading platforms and distribution systems.

Way Forward

Ahmed Fouad leads Match-Prime Liquidity and Match-Trade Technologies’ Dubai office, driving their growth in the MENA region. The move highlights their commitment to innovation, client-centricity, and meeting the evolving needs of the financial market in the region. The Dubai office is a key milestone, reflecting their dedication to excellence and an unwavering focus on client success.

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