LoopFX Gets £2.6 Million Funding from Augmentum Fintech

LoopFX, a London-based fintech startup, recently secured a £2.6 million investment from Augmentum Fintech. This funding will enhance LoopFX’s trading platform with real-time matching of large spot FX trades exceeding $10 million. 

LoopFX gets £2.6 million Details of the Investment

Augmentum Fintech has invested £2.6 million. The investment will accelerate LoopFX’s growth and enhance its trading efficiency. The company will use the funds to integrate the platform with more forex platforms and expand its market presence.

The investment will be used to:

Develop and refine the “Peer-to-Bank” matching technology.

Integrate with additional forex platforms to expand market reach.

Improve execution quality for traders.

Support operational growth and market expansion initiatives.

Benefits for Traders 

The funding will bring multiple benefits to traders and investors:

Improved Execution 

LoopFX will enhance its “Peer-to-Bank” matching technology. It will ensure that large spot FX trades exceeding $10 million are executed more efficiently. 

Reduced Trading Costs

LoopFX will develop its platform to offer more competitive pricing and lower transaction costs. It will benefit high-frequency traders and institutional investors seeking to maximise profitability.

Enhanced Liquidity Access

Integrations with major forex platforms like State Street’s FX Connect and FactSet’s Portware provide better liquidity pools. This means improved trade execution and the ability to handle larger trades without impacting the market significantly.

Transparency and Security

LoopFX’s platform offers enhanced transparency by providing real-time matching and reporting of trades. Traders and investors can monitor their transactions effectively and have a secure trading environment.

Growth and Stability

The substantial investment signals a period of growth and stability for LoopFX. Traders and investors can have increased confidence in the platform’s longevity and its ability to adapt to market changes.

About LoopFX

LoopFX is a fintech company specialising in real-time matching of large spot FX trades. It provides a trading platform integrating liquidity from peers and banks to optimise trade execution. The company aims to offer a more efficient and transparent trading solution. The company has integrated technology with major forex platforms like State Street’s FX Connect and FactSet’s Portware. Its goal is to reduce costs and enhance execution quality.


With the investment, LoopFX will enhance its innovative “Peer-to-Bank” matching technology and integrate with major forex platforms. This investment will drive LoopFX’s growth and solidify its position as a leading fintech innovator.

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