LMAX Collaborates with 4OTC to Enhance Liquidity Services

In a significant development, 4OTC, a leading connectivity provider for FX and digital assets, has announced integrating its Libre liquidity bridge service with LMAX Exchange. This strategic collaboration facilitates liquidity providers (LPs) on Libre to seamlessly stream to LMAX Exchange, enhancing connectivity across major execution venues.

LMAX Collaborates with 4OTC – About the Collaboration

4OTC’s Libre liquidity bridge service is now seamlessly connected to LMAX Exchange, offering connectivity to key execution venues in London (LD4), New York (NY4), Singapore (SG1), and Tokyo (TY3). This integration streamlines connectivity management, allowing LPs on Libre to efficiently contribute liquidity to LMAX Exchange. The collaboration aims to attract more liquidity onto the exchange and reduce the onboarding time for new LPs.

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Benefits for the Liquidity Providers

The enhanced liquidity solutions will enable both companies to position themselves as 

Enhanced Liquidity Quality

The traders and institutional investors will gain access to broader liquidity pools with improved quality, enabling them to trade better. 

Reduced Onboarding Time

4OTC’s Libre is designed with efficiency to help liquidity providers get onboarded on the LMAX exchange faster, reducing overall time.

Expanded Pool of Liquidity Providers

The integration with 4OTC’s Libre service broadens the pool of liquidity providers, allowing them to set prices on LMAX Exchange execution venues.

Leverage in Distribution Scale

The connectivity with 4OTC’s Libre service not only expands the pool of liquidity providers but also harnesses the distribution scale and global exchange infrastructure of LMAX Exchange.

Overall Enhancement of Trading Experience

Improved liquidity quality, more providers, and a larger distribution scale enhance trading for both traders and providers.

About LMAX Group

LMAX Group is a renowned financial technology firm that caters to a global audience. It holds the distinction of being the top independent operator of institutional execution venues for FX and cryptocurrency trading. The group has a global presence with offices in nine countries and serves a diverse client base. LMAX Group operates high-performance, low-latency exchanges in London, New York, Tokyo, and Singapore.

About LMAX Exchange

LMAX Exchange is a global institutional FX exchange that operates an FCA-regulated MTF. It has a CLOB execution model with firm limit order liquidity from top-tier banks and non-bank institutions. The exchange boasts of transparent price discovery, no ‘last look’ rejections, and full control over trading strategy and costs.

About 4OTC

4OTC is a London-based FinTech that is revolutionising OTC trading desks and brokers in Digital Asset and FX markets. They provide cutting-edge technology solutions for lightning-fast transactions and seamless execution. Their exceptional connectivity makes them the go-to partner for efficient trading operations.

Way Forward

The partnership aims to provide liquidity providers making firm prices with consistent and predictable low latency. The successful collaboration between 4OTC and LMAX Exchange reflects a commitment to delivering enhanced liquidity solutions and a positive outlook for continued partnership success.

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