Liquidnet Collaborates with bondIT for Credit Research Integration

In a strategic move to enhance its Fixed Income electronic trading platform, Liquidnet has partnered with bondIT to improve its Fixed Income electronic trading platform. Liquidnet will integrate BondIT’s Scorable Credit Analytics into its platform. This will equip traders with valuable insights to quickly anticipate market trends and make informed investment decisions.

Liquidnet Collaborates with bondIT – What Does it Mean for the Traders?

Liquidnet and bondIT have combined their technologies to integrate bondIT’s Scorable Credit Analytics into Liquidnet’s Fixed Income electronic trading platform. The integration allows fixed-income investors to predict changes in credit ratings and spreads, providing valuable insights to traders. This collaboration addresses the rising concerns over credit risk in today’s challenging economic and geopolitical landscape.

Market Trend Anticipation 

The collaboration aims to empower traders with tools to anticipate market trends, mitigate credit risk, and make faster, more informed investment decisions.

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Scorable Credit Analytics 

Leveraging data science, Explainable AI (XA), and Machine Learning, bondIT’s Scorable enables fixed-income investors to anticipate changes in credit ratings and spreads.

Enhanced Access for Member Firms 

The integration benefits the 700+ fixed-income Member firms using Liquidnet’s trading protocols, offering them direct access to valuable insights within the Liquidnet application.

Quick Fix to Credit Risk Concerns 

As investors increasingly demand fixed income, this collaboration addresses concerns about credit risk amid a challenging economic and geopolitical climate.

About Liquidnet

Liquidnet is a next-generation agency execution specialist established in 2001 to create a platform beyond traditional transactional models. It drives institutional alpha and connects investors with investments through a secure network. 

About bondIT

BondIT is a team of over 50 experts who have a unique combination of expertise in data science, machine learning, AI, and fixed-income investment. Top global asset managers, banks, and technology companies previously employed these professionals, who have gained a wealth of experience in the financial industry. As a result, they have a deep understanding of the technology needs of the sector. 

BondIT has dedicated teams worldwide, including Israel, the US, Europe, the UK, and Australia, to serve clients globally. BondIT’s technology, which investors and partners support, is customizable and constantly advancing to transform fixed-income investing.

Way Forward

Liquidnet is integrating bondIT’s Scorable Credit Analytics to reinforce its commitment to evolving its Credit offering beyond a mere execution system. Strategic partnerships are crucial for leveraging cutting-edge technologies to cater to the ever-changing demands of fixed-income investors.

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