Leverate Launches Prop Version 2.1

Leverate, a prominent trading technology provider, has introduced Prop Version 2.1, a significant upgrade aimed at revolutionising the prop trading industry. This new release underscores Leverate’s dedication to innovation and client-centric solutions. 

Leverate Launches Prop Version – About the New Launch 

Leverate has launched Prop Version 2.1, a major update designed to transform the prop trading landscape. 

This new version introduces a unified trader dashboard integrated with the SiRiX trading platform, offering a streamlined and user-friendly interface for enhanced trading efficiency. 

Key features include add-ons such as Double Leverage (up to 1:100), Payout Express (14-day payouts), and Profit Booster, aimed at boosting ROI and trader performance. Flexible discount options and risk-free trial opportunities further enhance client engagement and satisfaction. 

Prop Version 2.1 is set to go live next month, with Leverate already working on the next iteration, Prop Version 2.2.

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What Does It Mean?

Here is what it means for users. 

Unified Trading Experience

The new unified trader dashboard, integrated with the SiRiX platform, offers a more streamlined and user-friendly trading experience. Traders can easily track their progress, monitor their performance, and make informed decisions, all from a single interface. This integration enhances productivity and ensures a smooth, efficient trading journey.

High Leverage Trading Positions

With new add-ons like Double Leverage (up to 1:100), Payout Express (14-day payouts), Hold Over Weekend, and Profit Booster (higher payouts), traders can enjoy improved trading conditions. These features allow traders to maximise their returns and trading efficiency.

Attractive Discounts and Promotions

Leverate’s flexible discount options mean that traders can benefit from unique offers and promotions. These discounts help attract new clients and retain existing ones, providing more opportunities for traders to engage with the platform and take advantage of favourable trading conditions.

Risk-Free Trials

The introduction of risk-free trials allows traders to practise challenges without any upfront payment. This feature boosts conversion rates and enhances customer satisfaction by giving traders the opportunity to experience the platform’s capabilities before committing financially.

Simplified Trading Interface

Prop Version 2.1 offers an intuitive and accessible interface, enabling traders to focus on their performance without being bogged down by complex systems. This leads to better trading outcomes and higher satisfaction as traders can navigate the platform more easily and efficiently.

Future Enhancements

With Leverate already working on Prop Version 2.2, traders can look forward to continuous improvements and new features that will further enhance their trading experience. This commitment to ongoing development ensures that traders always have access to cutting-edge tools and technologies.

About Leverate 

Leverate is a leading provider of cutting-edge technology and services for the online trading industry. It also offers access to deep liquidity pools, enabling brokers to offer competitive pricing and execution to their clients. Leverate has a global presence, serving a wide range of clients, including forex brokers, financial institutions, and other online trading entities.

Way Ahead

Leverate launches Prop Version 2.1 to set a new standard in the industry with its innovative features and user-friendly interface. The company’s focus on client engagement, trader performance, and flexible offerings positions it for continued success. As Leverate prepares to launch Prop Version 2.2, it remains dedicated to meeting market demands and enhancing client satisfaction.

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