Launch of Afterprime Post Sale of Global Prime to Fusion Markets

In Australia’s retail FX and CFDs sector, noteworthy transactions involving key industry players have transpired in a significant shift. Jeremy Kinstlinger and Elan Bension, co-owners and co-runners of ASIC-licensed broker Global Prime since 2012, have orchestrated the sale of Global Prime to Fusion Markets. This move changes the leadership and operational structure of both entities.

About Global Prime

Global Prime is a prominent participant in the Forex trading industry, known for its excellence and innovative approach. Since its inception in 2012, the brokerage has distinguished itself in the competitive market by providing customized liquidity solutions, advanced trading technology, and exceptional risk consultancy services.

As Global Prime evolves under Fusion Markets, the industry awaits its next chapter. With expertise, reliability, and a commitment to excellence, Global Prime has left a mark on Forex trading. The legacy continues, promising new heights of success for this pioneering brokerage.

About Afterprime

Afterprime is revolutionizing Retail FX and CFDs with co-founders Jeremy Kinstlinger and Elan Bension, supported by a team of operations engineers, quants, and developers. Behind the scenes, this talented group works tirelessly to ensure global markets are accessible to traders with unparalleled speed and cost efficiency. Afterprime’s mission extends beyond traditional trading platforms; it seeks to open markets and deliver cutting-edge technology that inspires every trader.

With a clear commitment to innovation, Afterprime endeavors to accelerate a new era of decentralized financial products and markets, driven by the noble goal of contributing to the betterment of humanity. By providing a platform that goes beyond conventional boundaries, Afterprime stands as a catalyst for financial empowerment and inspiration, ushering in a transformative experience for traders seeking more than just a trading solution.

About Fusion Markets

Fusion Markets is a prominent player in the financial industry, blending expertise, experience, and innovation. It was founded by industry veterans Phil Horner and David Swinden, who bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. Horner previously served as the CEO of Pepperstone, while Swinden has experience with both Pepperstone and Axi.

As an active player in the competitive Australian retail FX and CFDs sector, Fusion Markets positions itself as a brokerage that is dedicated to providing reliable and innovative trading solutions at a low cost. By focusing on client-centric services and strategic acquisitions, Fusion Markets is taking the lead in shaping the future of financial markets.

Let’s look at the recent major developments with these two companies.

Major Developments in Australia’s Retail FX and CFDs Sector

The recent major developments in ASIC are the ownership transition, the sale of Global Prime, and the launch of Afterprime.

Ownership Transition

Jeremy Kinsltlinger, Co-founder of Afterprime and Argamon

Kinstlinger and Bension, the previous owners of Global Prime, have recently transferred the company over to Fusion Markets. Fusion Markets is an Australian brokerage firm. Industry experts Phil Horner and David Swinden established the company. The integration of both companies is now being managed by FMGP Trading Group Pty Ltd, which is licensed by ASIC. 

It is important to note that both Global Prime and Fusion Markets’ offshore operations have been merged under Gleneagle Securities Pty Ltd, based in Vanuatu. Fusion Markets also maintains an offshore presence in Seychelles.

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New Ventures: Launch of Afterprime

Following the sale of Global Prime, Kinstlinger and Bension have embarked on a new venture with the establishment of Afterprime, a global Retail FX and CFDs brokerage brand under the Argamon group. The Afterprime brand comprises multiple entities strategically positioned to cater to different markets.

  • Afterprime Europe Limited: For the European market, Kinstlinger and Bension have acquired HCFS High Capital Financial Services Ltd, a CySEC CIF license holder previously associated with HighCapital Trade and TradersLive. Renamed Afterprime Europe Limited, this entity will serve European clients under the Afterprime brand.
  • Afterprime Ltd: Domiciled in Seychelles, Afterprime Ltd will function as the group’s offshore arm and contribute to the global footprint of the Afterprime brand.

New ASIC Licensed Business: Argamon Markets Pty Ltd

In Australia, Afterprime will operate an ASIC-licensed business under the brand Argamon Markets Pty Ltd. This segment will cater specifically to institutional clients, specializing in optimizing financial and digital liquidity and managing Prime Broker relationships.

Final Words

The sale of Global Prime and the inception of Afterprime by industry veterans can significantly affect the offerings for the traders. Nonetheless, the traders are going to get more exposure to the CFD liquidity and FX liquidity sectors. 

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