Jefferson Bank Partners with Finastra for Instant Payment

Jefferson Bank has enhanced its instant payment capability via an expanded partnership with Finastra. It will use Finastra’s advanced solutions to meet the growing demand for instant, reliable payment services. 

About the Partnership

The partnership will enhance Jefferson Bank’s instant payment offerings. It includes using Finastra’s advanced payment solutions like Payments To Go and Global PAYplus, integrating Finastra’s cloud-based technologies for improved efficiency and security, and utilizing the FedNow Service certification to offer real-time payment capabilities. The partnership will provide faster, more reliable payment services, increase customer satisfaction and engagement, and ease the challenges of implementing instant payment systems.

Benefits for Users

This extended partnership will offer numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Enhanced Transaction Speed

The partnership will significantly reduce transaction processing time. Investors can move funds quickly, benefit from investment opportunities, and manage risks in real-time.

Improved Liquidity Management

Instant payments enhance liquidity management. Investors can better manage their cash flow and liquidity positions with the ability to transfer funds immediately. It helps in volatile markets, where access to cash can enable quick portfolio adjustments or the exploitation of short-term trading opportunities.

Reduced Transaction Costs

By streamlining payment processes and using cloud-based technologies, the bank can lower operational costs associated with payment processing. These savings can offer lower transaction fees and make executing trades and managing investments more cost-effective.

Enhanced Security 

The partnership will use advanced technology solutions to offer enhanced security measures and compliance with regulatory standards. This will increase the safety of transactions and ensure that financial activities align with legal and regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of fraud and financial crime. 

About Jefferson Bank

Jefferson Bank is a community-focused financial institution that offers banking services for personal, small business, and corporate clients. These services include personal banking and borrowing to business loans and cash management solutions. Jefferson Bank aims to facilitate financial growth and stability through innovative banking solutions and personalized service.

About Finastra

Finastra is a global financial software provider. It delivers a broad portfolio of banking and financial solutions to clients worldwide. They specialize in retail banking, transaction banking, lending, and treasury and capital markets. Finastra’s mission is to create a dynamic, open financial services ecosystem that fosters collaboration and innovation. Their goal is to drive growth for their clients to deliver powerful financial experiences to their customers.

Looking Ahead

Jefferson Bank will further enhance its instant payment offerings. It plans to delve deeper into Finastra’s technology stack and explore new solutions. The bank will continue innovating in payment processing and customer service and expand its partnership with Finastra. 

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