iSAM Securities Names James Wale as Head of Leveraged Sales EMEA

iSAM Securities promotes James Wale as the Head of Leveraged Sales for the EMEA region. iSAM Securities is a financial services firm specialising in market-making, liquidity provision, and risk management solutions. 

About the Appointment

James Wale will enhance its leveraged sales operations. Leveraged sales provide trading products that allow clients to amplify market positions. Wale’s experience and proven track record in institutional sales and relationship management will complement the company’s ambitions.

About James Wale

James Wale has more than 15 years of experience in institutional sales and relationship management. He has noteworthy achievements in the financial industry, particularly in sales strategy, client development, and market expansion. Wale held senior positions at several leading financial institutions before joining iSAM Securities, such as CMC Markets, Varengold Bank, and FIXI plc. James has already served for 7.5 years at iSAM securities with his great leadership skills and has been part of the company’s growth.

Benefits for Traders

The appointment will bring numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Client Engagement and Support

James Wale is known for building strong client relationships and understanding their needs. Traders and investors will have more personalised support and tailored solutions to make informed trading decisions and optimise their investment strategies.

Market Position and Stability

Wale’s expertise in the EMEA region will help iSAM Securities strengthen its market presence. It will provide a more stable and reliable trading environment. A strong market position ensures better liquidity and tighter spreads. It benefits traders and investors through cost-efficient trading.

Insights and Market Expertise

James Wale’s market knowledge and vision will provide valuable insights into market trends and opportunities. Traders and investors will benefit from expert analysis and forecasts. It will enhance their ability to navigate complex market conditions and capitalise on coming opportunities.

Risk Management Solutions

Wale’s background in risk management will introduce improved risk management tools and practices. Traders and investors can protect their investments and ensure secure trading environments.

Market Reach and Opportunities Expansion 

James Wale’s appointment signals iSAM Securities’ commitment to expanding its reach in the EMEA region. It will open up new market opportunities for traders and investors. It will provide numerous financial instruments and investment options.

About iSAM Securities

iSAM Securities is a leading algorithmic trading firm recognised for its role as a liquidity, technology, and prime services partner to institutional clients globally. Originally part of the ISAM capital markets group, the firm rebranded to iSAM Securities to consolidate its services under a single identity closely aligned with its parent company, a systematic hedge fund manager worth approximately $4.8 billion.

The company operates with cutting-edge proprietary technology and offers a full-service prime brokerage. Its solutions are tailored to diverse market participants including hedge funds, proprietary trading houses, and family offices. The firm’s primary goal is to lead in algorithmic trading and enhance client experiences by continuously developing its products and adapting to market needs. 

Future Outlook

iSAM Securities plans to implement a project to expand its leveraged sales operations in the EMEA region under James Wale’s leadership. Wale’s leadership will optimise sales strategies and increase market penetration.

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