iSAM Securities Welcomes New Hires to its Global e-Trading Team

iSAM Securities recently added three new members to its Global e-Trading Team. iSAM Securities is a leading global trading market player specialising in electronic trading solutions and asset management. These new members will bring fresh perspectives and improvement to the firm.

About the New Hires of the Global e-Trading Team

All the new members will bring in their expertise in their respective areas:

James Gavin

James Gavin has recently joined iSAM Securities in the London office. He brings a solid background in eFX trading from his five years at Standard Chartered Bank. His new role will expand the company’s product offerings and enhance client relationships. James is enthusiastic about the company’s growth. He plans to leverage his experience with institutional clients to provide consistent, high-quality service.

Richie Westerlind

Global e-Trading

Richie Westerlind has entered the Florida office of iSAM Securities. His career includes notable stints at HedgeMark International, LLC, and Citi. There, he dealt with various aspects of risk management across FX and fixed-income prime brokerage, futures, and OTC derivatives. Richie will use his extensive risk management skills to improve the company’s growth and ensure success.

Nathalie Bijlsma

Nathalie Bijlsma joins the Florida office after completing an MSc in Finance & Investments. She has gained considerable experience in equity research, FX sales, and trading at ABN AMRO and seven years of experience as a retail trader and investor. Nathalie will merge her expertise in finance with technological innovation to enhance product strategies and client services at iSAM Securities. 

Benefits For Traders

The recruitment of these new members will offer numerous benefits, including:

Enhanced Product Offerings

iSAM Securities will expand its product offerings with Gavin’s expertise in eFX trading. Traders and investors can expect more diversified and sophisticated trading options, better risk management tools, and potentially higher returns on their investments.

Improved Risk Management

Richie Westerlind has a background in risk management across various financial sectors. He will safeguard client investments, and his expertise will enhance the firm’s ability to navigate market complexities and mitigate risks.

Advanced Financial Technology

Nathalie Bijlsma’s role focuses on blending finance with technology. It promises advancements in the tools and platforms available to traders and investors. It will make trading more efficient and accessible, enabling clients to execute strategies precisely and rapidly.

Growth and Stability

The strategic expansion of the e-Trading team underlines iSAM Securities’ commitment to growth and stability in the financial services market. For traders and investors, this implies partnering with a firm that aims to grow alongside them and offers a stable and reliable platform for managing their investments in the long term.

About iSAM Securities

iSAM Securities is a leading algorithmic trading firm recognized for its role as a liquidity, technology, and prime services partner to institutional clients globally. Originally part of the ISAM capital markets group, the firm rebranded to iSAM Securities to consolidate its services under a single identity closely aligned with its parent company, a systematic hedge fund manager worth approximately $4.8 billion.

The company operates with cutting-edge proprietary technology and offers a full-service prime brokerage. Its solutions are tailored to diverse market participants, including hedge funds, proprietary trading houses, and family offices. The firm’s primary goal is to lead algorithmic trading and enhance client experiences by continuously developing its products and adapting to market needs. 

Future Outlook

Incorporating these specialists into iSAM Securities is expected to have a substantial impact. Their collective expertise will elevate the company’s trading operations, promoting growth and innovation.

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