iSAM Securities Hires Dennis Weissert as Sales Director

In a strategic move to enhance its Sales team, London-based prime-of-prime broker and liquidity solutions provider iSAM Securities has welcomed Dennis Weissert as its newest Sales Director. With over 13 years of experience in the financial services sector spanning Europe and the UK, Dennis brings a wealth of expertise to his new role.

iSAM Securities Hires Dennis Weissert – What’s His Role?

Dennis Weissert’s appointment as Sales Director at iSAM Securities is a strategic move for the team. Drawing from his extensive background, Dennis is set to play a vital role in shaping the company’s future direction.

Focus on Liquidity Development

A key aspect of Dennis’s responsibilities will be to focus on liquidity development. Leveraging his established network and wealth of experience, he aims to enhance and diversify the firm’s liquidity solutions, contributing to the overall growth and stability of iSAM Securities.

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Expanding the Client Base Through Effective Origination

One of Dennis’s primary goals is to expand iSAM Securities’ client base through effective origination strategies. This involves tapping into his industry knowledge and connections to attract new clients, fostering the firm’s presence in the market.

Maximizing Client Wallets and Market Share

Dennis Weissert’s strategic vision includes maximizing client wallets and market share. By implementing effective sales strategies and leveraging his experience, he aims to solidify iSAM Securities’ position in the industry and optimize the financial success of its clients.

Enhancing Overall Client Experience

Dennis’s role is essential to enhance the overall client experience. By aligning with iSAM Securities’ commitment to innovation and client-centric practices, he intends to ensure that clients receive top-notch service, contributing to their satisfaction and long-term partnership with the firm.

Building Strong and Lasting Relationships

Dennis’s focus extends beyond clients to building solid and lasting relationships within the team. This emphasis on internal collaboration aligns with iSAM Securities’ commitment to fostering a positive working environment and enhancing teamwork.

Contribution to Future Growth

Dennis Weissert drives growth at iSAM Securities through liquidity development, client expansion, and relationship building.

About iSAM Securities 

iSAM Securities, a London-based firm regulated by the FCA, SFC, CIMA, and CTFC, is a leading algorithmic trading entity. iSAM Securities provides technology, prime services, and trusted liquidity to institutional clients and global trading venues through its proprietary technology.

The firm’s analytics are cleared through Prime Brokers, solidifying its position in the financial industry.

Final Thoughts

Dennis Weissert, Sales Director at iSAM Securities, will play a crucial role in the company’s growth trajectory. The firm looks forward to Dennis’s impact in his role and the strong network and skills he brings to the table.

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