iS Prime is Now iSAM Securities – A Year of Transformation

iSAM Securities, a company that has been providing bespoke liquidity solutions and trading technology since 2014, recently underwent a significant restructuring. As part of its transformation, the company consolidated its iS Prime and iS Risk product lines into iSAM Securities.

Why iSAM Securities as a New Name?

The CEO, Alexander Lowe, shares his insights about the rebranding and how 2023 has been for the company.

Merging iS Prime and iS Risk 

Since 2014, iSAM Securities has been a trailblazer in providing global bespoke liquidity solutions, trading technology, and risk consultancy services. The brand consolidated iS Prime and iS Risk into iSAM Securities. In an exclusive interview, Alexander Lowe, Managing Director of iSAM, delves into the motivations behind these strategic changes and outlines the vision for the group’s future.

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Strategic Vision

The move aimed to present the group as a comprehensive destination for liquidity, technology, and prime services. The CEO emphasizes that simplicity, effectiveness, and scalability are crucial for success; rebranding better communicates this to a wider audience.

Impact on Clients

The CEO reassures that the name change will enhance the client experience and maintain exemplary service standards. Additionally, the CEO emphasizes that brand change opens doors for the firm to expand. It reinforces its position as a key market partner while continuously improving its products and services.

Future Vision

Notable innovations, like launching the Crypto Margin Facility, showcase the firm’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the financial industry. With the recent appointment of Sam Johnson as Global Head of Business Development, iSAM Securities solidifies its dedication to continual team development and delivering innovative solutions.

In a Nutshell

iSAM Securities, regulated by FCA, SFC, CIMA, and CTFC, emerges as a leading algorithmic trading firm for institutional clients and global trading venues. The firm is set to revolutionize financial services with its advanced technology, offering full-service prime brokerage and execution.

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