Investortools Integrates Tradeweb AI-Price

Investortools, a prominent provider of fixed-income software solutions, has unveiled the integration of Tradeweb Automated Intelligent Pricing (Ai-Price) for municipal bonds into the Investortools Dealer Network. Tradeweb provides intraday bond prices for Investortools Dealer Network to improve trading decisions and workflows.

Investortools Integrates Tradeweb AI-Price – What’s the Deal?

Tradeweb Ai-Price for municipal bonds utilises proprietary machine learning and data science, coupled with MSRB and Tradeweb proprietary data. Its purpose is to provide intraday and closing prices for approximately one million municipal bonds. This integration provides daily pricing updates to The Investortools Dealer Network for informed decision-making.

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How is Investortools optimising the trading experience through advanced automation?

Here’s how the company is aiming to optimise the trading experience of the users through Tradeweb’s advanced tools.

Collaborative Integration for Electronic Trading Advancement

Integrating Tradeweb’s AI pricing service with The Investortools Dealer Network through the Perform application marks a collaborative effort to propel electronic trading in the fixed-income domain.

Real-time Market Insights

The criticality of reliable intraday pricing in trade automation workflows is as crucial as it can be. This strategic integration positions users at the forefront of the continually evolving fixed-income marketplace.

Enhanced Transparency in the Municipal Bond Market

Customers can gain access to quality intraday and end-of-day closing prices. This development aligns with the industry’s move towards increased electronification and transparency within the municipal bond market.

About Investortools, Inc.

Investortools, with four decades of innovation in serving the fixed-income marketplace, offers a comprehensive suite of products addressing all aspects of the investment lifecycle. It manages over $1 trillion in assets for 200+ retail and institutional clients, including SMA managers, fund managers, broker-dealers, and fixed-income market participants.

About Tradeweb

Tradeweb Markets Inc. is a fintech company that operates electronic marketplaces for trading financial products. Tradeweb was founded in 1996 as an electronic trading pioneer, serving banks, asset managers, central banks, pension funds, and insurance companies.

Looking Ahead

The integration of Tradeweb Ai-Price into the Investortools Dealer Network marks a significant stride toward optimising the trading experience, reflecting a commitment to innovation and efficiency in the dynamic fixed-income landscape.

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