Interactive Brokers Enhances IBKR Desktop with MultiSort Screeners

Interactive Brokers, a leading player in electronic trading, continues to bolster the capabilities of its IBKR Desktop platform with the introduction of version 0.07, packed with a host of enhancements.

Interactive Brokers Enhances IBKR Desktop – What Does it Mean?

The company has launched MultiSort Screeners and Option Lattice, levelling up user experience and providing advanced tools for traders and investors. These additions to the IBKR Desktop platform help users to analyse and compare data, and make informed decisions efficiently. 

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How Does that Benefit the Traders?

Here are the top launches introduced by Interactive Brokers, which will provide a more comprehensive experience to its users. They are:

MultiSort Screeners

MultiSort Screeners allow users to sift through and organise data using multiple criteria simultaneously. This is a blessing for traders who prefer to analyse a wide range of information, such as fundamental data, historical performance, and technical indicators, simultaneously. With MultiSort, users can easily input multiple preferences and get results. 

Users can select up to 10 sorting factors and utilise up/down arrows to designate whether lower or higher values are preferable. Additionally, users can specify the “Importance” level of each factor, with options ranging from “Somewhat Important” to “Very Important.” As factors are adjusted, the screener dynamically updates in real-time.

Option Lattice

Option Lattice, a graphical representation of options chains, helps identify potential outliers like Implied Volatility, Open Interest, Volume, or Last Price. This means users can now easily undertake cross-comparisons of different option contract metrics. This is applicable for different expiry dates, too.

Option Analysis 

This new launch aims to give users an in-depth analysis (editable) of a single underlying asset. It has many metrics like Option Volume, Implied Volatility, Historical Volatility, Sker, Open Interest, and more. 

About Interactive Brokers

With headquarters in Greenwich, Connecticut, Interactive Brokers LLC (IB) is a prominent American multinational brokerage firm. It is renowned for its expansive electronic trading platform, which ranks as the largest in the United States based on the volume of daily average revenue trades. The company offers various financial instruments, including stocks, options, futures, forex, and cryptocurrencies.

Way Forward

With Interactive Brokers first launching the IBKR Desktop platform and now MultiSort Screeners, Option Lattice, and Option Analysis, it is sure that its users would benefit. The platform will likely continue to expand its suits to enhance the overall trading capabilities and experience of users. 
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