INFINOX Expands Payment Options with EMIs

INFINOX, a globally recognized online trading provider, has announced the integration of Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) into its payment system. This decision aims to enhance the trading experience through increased payment flexibility and convenience. Diverse payment options offer traders more choices, cater to a global client base, and adapt to varied financial ecosystems. 

What Are Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs)?

Electronic Money Institutions are regulated entities that specialize in streamlining electronic payments. They offer an efficient and modern alternative to traditional banking methods to cater to digital transactions and online financial services. EMIs operate under a strict regulatory framework. It ensures the security and compliance of transactions. They meet high standards of financial conduct and provide a secure infrastructure for electronic payments.

INFINOX Expands Payment OptionsHow it will Benefit the Traders?

A regulated and diverse payment option offers numerous benefits to clients, including:

Enhanced Security and Compliance

EMIs are regulated financial institutions designed to streamline electronic payments. INFINOX has strategically selected renowned EMI providers that work with Tier 1 institutions to ensure high levels of security and compliance for clients. It adds an extra layer of trust and reliability to their transactions.

Global Accessibility and Instant Processing

EMIs are operational in over 200 countries. Traders now have access to instant processing of deposits and withdrawals. It allows instant processing of deposits and withdrawals to facilitate timely and efficient market engagement.

Cost Efficiency 

Utilizing EMIs decreases the transactional fees commonly linked with traditional banking transfers. This reduction means traders can retain a larger portion of their earnings and make financial operations more economical.

Convenience and User-Friendly Platforms

The EMI integration streamlines financial management by reducing paperwork and eliminating the need for physical bank visits. It enhances the overall user experience and makes it more convenient and accessible.

Improved Flexibility

With EMIs, INFINOX clients gain greater control over their financial assets. This flexibility allows them to manage their funds more effectively. They can tailor their financial activities to match their individual trading strategies.


INFINOX is a global online trading provider founded in 2009. It offers multiple services, primarily focusing on forex, equities, commodities, and cryptocurrency CFDs (Contract for Differences). The company operates under a multi-regulated framework. It provides clients access to various financial markets through advanced trading platforms like Metatrader 4 and 5, IX Social (a copy trading app), and IX One (a customizable trading platform). INFINOX’s vision is to empower traders, regardless of their experience level, by providing them with the necessary tools, market access, and educational resources

Way Forward

By integrating EMIs, INFINOX enhances its service offering and solidifies its status as a leader in the online trading industry. The integration offers INFINOX’s geographically diverse client base a user-friendly platform that bypasses the need for traditional banking processes. This move reflects the company’s proactive approach to adopting new technologies and solutions.

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