IG Launches Tastytrade-Powered US Options and Futures in the UK

IG announced the launch of tastytrade-powered US options and futures for UK clients on June 1, 2024. IG Group is a global online trading and investment services provider. Tastytrade is a financial media and brokerage company. The launch brings advanced trading capabilities and innovative tools to UK traders.

Details of the Launch

This initiative brings advanced trading capabilities and innovative tools to UK traders. It enables them to trade US-listed options and futures easily. These options and futures cover major US indices, individual stocks, and commodities. Traders can implement various strategies and manage risk effectively. The launch includes Tastytrade’s intuitive platform, featuring real-time data, educational resources, and sophisticated trading tools. Tastytrade has a user-friendly interface. 

Benefits for Traders

This launch will offer numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Access to US Markets

UK traders can now access US options and futures directly. They can diversify their portfolios by trading major US indices, individual stocks, and key commodities. It provides more opportunities to profit from market movements.

Advanced Trading Tools

Traders can use sophisticated options analysis tools, probability analysis, and trade visualisations with Tastytrade. They help make informed decisions, manage risk effectively, and execute complex trading strategies.

User-Friendly Platform

Tastytrade has an intuitive and easy-to-navigate platform. The clean layout and user-friendly interface simplify executing trades, monitoring market conditions, and managing trading activities.

Educational Resources

Tastytrade provides extensive educational content, including live market commentary, video tutorials, and written articles. They assist traders in enhancing their knowledge and improving their trading skills. 

Real-Time Market Data

The platform offers real-time market data to ensure traders have the latest information. This data helps make quick, informed trading decisions and capitalise on market opportunities quickly.

Innovative Trading Features

The Tastytrade platform has innovative features that enhance the trading experience. These features provide more trade control, better risk management options, and the ability to implement advanced trading strategies.

About IG Group

Stuart Wheeler Founded IG Group in 1974. IG Group is a leading global provider of online trading and investment services. The company offers access to approximately 19,000 financial markets. It serves over 240,000 clients worldwide. IG Group promotes financial freedom through its innovative trading platforms and educational ecosystem. It has a network spanning Europe, North America, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East

Acquisition of Tastytrade

In 2021, IG Group acquired Tastytrade for $1 billion, comprising $300 million in cash and 61 million IG shares. Tom Sosnoff and Kristi Ross co-founded Tastytrade. It offers comprehensive options and futures trading tools, including live market commentary, analysis, and educational content. 

Wrapping Up

IG Group plans to expand its offerings and continuously update the Tastytrade platform. It may bring new trading tools, enhanced features, and additional asset classes. Traders can expect more opportunities and enhanced trading experiences in future.

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