IG Group, Aichi and AEG Partner for IG Arena in Japan

In a groundbreaking collaboration, leading electronic trading entity IG Group, Aichi International Arena Company Ltd, and AEG have announced a significant 10-year naming rights partnership for a cutting-edge 17,000-seat arena currently under construction in Nagoya, Japan. This strategic alliance, one of the most extensive naming rights agreements in Japan and the Asia Pacific region, sets the stage for a revolutionary entertainment facility slated to open its doors in 2025.

IG Group, Aichi and AEG Partner for IG Arena – Key Highlights

Here are the main highlights of the partnership that every Japanese looks forward to. 

Revolutionised Live Entertainment Experience

The IG Arena is revolutionizing the live entertainment experience for traders and enthusiasts by strategically positioning itself within Nagoya’s cultural landscape. As a key player in the vibrant city, the arena promises to be a transformative space, introducing innovative concepts and redefining the essence of entertainment.

Cutting-edge Infrastructure

The arena is set to become a symbol of cutting-edge infrastructure, incorporating state-of-the-art facilities and technologies. This commitment to excellence ensures that traders and spectators experience events in an environment that seamlessly blends sophistication with modernity.

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Diverse Event Accommodation

With its flexible design, the IG Arena is not limited to a singular entertainment genre. Instead, it aspires to be an inclusive venue accommodating diverse events, from thrilling sports competitions to captivating music performances and family-centric shows. Traders can anticipate a dynamic array of experiences within this multifaceted space.

Online Trading Services from Prominent Leader

Japanese traders now have the opportunity to invest their money with a global leader in online trading. The company offers support in advising, strategic planning, and investment avenues to secure their financial future.

About IG Group

IG Group Holdings plc, trading as IG Group, is a UK-based online trading provider founded in 1974 by Stuart Wheeler. It offers spread betting and CFD trading. With these options, individuals can predict the future movement of equities, bonds, and currencies without possessing the physical assets. 

About AEG

AEG, or AEG Worldwide, is a subsidiary of The Anschutz Corporation, which presents global music and sporting events. It is renowned as the most prominent owner of sports teams and events worldwide. 

Way Forward

The new IG Arena, designed by Kengo Kuma & Associates, will feature a ‘hybrid oval’ bowl, enabling the hosting of diverse sports and music events. This transformative partnership is about the future and signifies a crucial step in delivering world-class events to Nagoya and Japan, establishing the IG Arena as a regional cultural icon.

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