IC Shares – IC Markets Launches Brokerage-free Shares

IC Markets launches brokerage-free IC Shares and a groundbreaking limited-time promotion: zero brokerage fees on ASX and CBOE (Chi-X) listed company investments. The company offers investors a cost-effective opportunity to trade in the booming Australian share market.

IC Markets Launches Zero Brokerage IC Shares – What Is It?

The Shares marks IC Markets’ latest venture in partnership with Finclear, providing direct access to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and CBOE. Investors can now trade their favourite ASX and CBOE-listed companies without paying standard brokerage fees.

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How Do the Traders Benefit?

The IC shares offer zero brokerage fees to the traders for a limited period. 

Cost Savings

IC Markets’ zero brokerage fee promotion on ASX and CBOE-listed companies eliminates standard brokerage fees, providing a financial advantage for Australian investors.

Portfolio Diversification Opportunities

Investors can now take advantage of a limited-time offer that removes financial constraints and diversifies their portfolios with a broader range of assets. This approach maximizes returns and minimizes risk exposure, contributing to a well-balanced investment strategy.

Exploration of the Dynamic Trading Landscape

IC Markets’ zero brokerage fee promotion offers traders a unique opportunity to explore the world of trading without the financial burden of standard brokerage fees.

Secure and User-Friendly Access

IC Shares and FinClear have teamed up to provide a secure and user-friendly trading experience. This partnership makes these Shares a reliable platform for accessing mid-cap and blue-chip companies in the Australian share market.

About IC Markets

Established in 2007, IC Markets has been a pioneer in bridging the gap between retail and institutional clients. IC Markets offers intuitive platforms and value-added tools for diverse trading strategies and styles. 


IC Markets has introduced IC Shares and waived brokerage fees on ASX and CBOE investments for a limited time, providing opportunities for cost-free online trading.

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