IC Markets Partners with TipRanks for Enhanced Research Tools

IC Markets Global has partnered with TipRanks to enhance the trading experience. The collaboration will provide clients with advanced research tools and insights. IC Markets Global is a major Forex and CFD trading market player. TipRanks is an investment research tools provider.

About the Research Tools

The integration process involves embedding TipRanks’ tools directly into the IC Markets Global trading platform. This integration ensures clients get TipRanks’ insights and data without leaving the IC Markets environment.

New tools and features available to IC Markets Global clients through TipRanks:

News Sentiment Tool: Aggregates sentiment and buzz from over 130 financial news websites.

Investor Sentiment Tool: Offers insights into the bullish and bearish sentiment in the market.

Hedge Funds Activity Tool: This tool analyzes the portfolios of major hedge funds to identify trends in buying and selling, providing valuable insights into institutional investment strategies.

Top Analyst Stocks: Features stock recommendations from analysts with proven track records.

Benefits For Traders

This integration will offer  numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Enhanced Research Capabilities

IC Markets Global clients now have TipRanks’ sophisticated research tools. These tools include real-time data analysis and sentiment indicators. They will enhance clients’ ability to make informed trading decisions based on comprehensive market insights.

Exclusive Insights

Clients can explore detailed analyses of various financial instruments with TipRanks. It includes exclusive insights into stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. It will help traders understand market dynamics and potential investment opportunities.

Advanced Analytical Tools

TipRanks offers advanced analytical tools such as the Hedge Funds Activity Tool and the Top Analyst Stocks feature. These tools provide insights into the actions of major hedge funds and recommendations from top-performing analysts. Traders can refine their strategies by studying the strategies of successful investors.

Data-Driven Trading Strategies

TipRanks’ tools enable traders to develop data-driven trading strategies. The News Sentiment Tool aggregates sentiment from over 130 financial news websites and offers a comprehensive view of market sentiment. This data-driven approach helps traders make informed decisions, reduces reliance on speculation, and increases the likelihood of successful trades.

IC Markets

IC Markets is an online forex and CFD broker. It provides trading solutions for individual and institutional clients. IC Markets offers a transparent and efficient trading environment with numerous financial markets, including forex, commodities, and indices. They aim to provide trading solutions to retail and institutional clients previously only available to investment banks and high-net-worth individuals.


TipRanks provides financial research tools, offering data-driven insights and analytics for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and more. Its innovative tools aggregate and analyze financial data to provide actionable insights. TipRanks offers multiple tools, including News Sentiment, Investor Sentiment, Hedge Funds Activity, and Top Analyst Stocks. TipRanks aims to empower everyday investors with comprehensive market insights.

Wrapping Up

The partnership between IC Markets Global and TipRanks is expected to benefit traders significantly. This collaboration will enhance the trading experience and provide clients with a competitive edge in the market.

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