How to Register as a Forex Broker with CySec in 2024

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) oversees and regulates the Forex brokerage industry in Cyprus and the European Union. It supervises and controls the Cyprus Stock Exchange, investment services companies, brokers, and brokerage firms and allows registered entities to offer their services across the EU. 

How to get a Forex licence with CySec

CySec has a stringent but fair licensing process:

Understand CySEC Requirements

Brokers must satisfy multiple requirements to ensure they operate with integrity and transparency. These requirements include:

Capital Requirements: Forex brokers must maintain a minimum capital amount, which varies based on the type of services offered.  

Personnel Qualifications: Key personnel, including directors and senior managers, must show appropriate qualifications and experience in financial services.

Legal Documentation: Applicants must provide legal documents, including incorporation documents, internal procedures manual, and anti-money laundering (AML) policies. 

Prepare Your Documentation

A broker must prepare and submit documents that meet CySEC requirements. Essential documentation includes:

Business Plan: A thorough plan drafting the broker’s proposed services, target markets, operational structure, and financial projections.

Company Incorporation Documents: Proof of the company’s legal existence and structure, certificates of incorporation and articles of association.

Internal Policies: Document the company’s internal procedures, risk management policies, AML policies, and client protection measures.

Financial Statements: Audited financial statements proving the company’s financial stability and compliance with capital requirements.

Submit Your Application

Applying CySEC is the critical step where the broker officially requests to be licensed. The process involves:

Filling the Application Form: Complete the CySEC application form accurately, providing detailed information about the brokerage, its operations, and its personnel.

Compiling Required Documents: Ensure all necessary documents are included, as detailed in Step 2. This may also include additional reports or explanations.

Application Submission: Submit the application form and the documentation package to CySEC. It is usually done electronically, followed by a physical submission of documents, if required.

Compliance and Operational Setup

Once you submit the application, brokers must ensure their operational infrastructure aligns with CySEC’s regulatory standards. Brokers should:

Implement AML Policies: Develop AML policies that include customer due diligence (CDD), ongoing monitoring, and reporting of suspicious transactions.

Establish Risk Management Systems: Create systems to identify, assess, and manage their operational and transactional risks.

Set Up Operational Infrastructure: Ensure the technological and operational infrastructure is secure and can support the services offered.

Support the Review Process

CySEC thoroughly examines the application to ensure compliance with its regulations. Brokers can expect:

Initial Review: CySEC assesses the completeness and adequacy of the application and documents submitted.

Queries and Additional Information Requests: CySEC will contact the broker if it requires clarification or additional information. Prompt and accurate responses are necessary.

Inspection: In some cases, CySEC may conduct inspections or request further evidence of operational readiness.

Complete Your Registration

Upon receiving approval from CySEC, brokers must complete the following steps to finalize their registration:

Pay Registration Fees: Settle any outstanding fees CySEC requires for licensing.

Fulfil Additional Requirements: CySEC may specify additional conditions to grant the licence officially.

Obtain the License: CySEC will issue the license, officially authorizing the broker to operate once all conditions are satisfied.


Once you get the licence, provide periodic reports to CySEC detailing financial health, client transactions, and compliance with AML policies. CySEC registration offers Forex brokers credibility, market access, and investor trust. 

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