Hidden Road and Finery Markets Introduce OTC Liquidity Pool

Hidden Road has expanded its partnership with Finery Markets and introduced an advanced Over-The-Counter (OTC) liquidity pool to the digital asset space. It combines Hidden Road’s expertise as a prime broker with Finery Markets’ innovative trading infrastructure, FM Liquidity Match. The partnership will offer a sophisticated trading environment for institutional participants.

About Hidden Road and Finery Markets Partnership

The collaboration will introduce an advanced Over-The-Counter (OTC) Liquidity Pool, FM Liquidity Match. FM Liquidity Match will cater to institutional investors engaging in crypto spot trading transactions. Liquidity takers can execute trades without the trade being rejected at the last moment by liquidity providers. It also contains toxic flow protection to protect from harmful trading strategies. Users can access FM Liquidity Match through a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and an Application Programming Interface (API). 

How Traders Will Benefit from this?

This collaboration will offer numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Enhanced Liquidity and Market Efficiency

FM Liquidity Match offers enhanced liquidity in the cryptocurrency market. This advanced OTC liquidity pool is designed for crypto spot transactions to provide institutional-grade liquidity. This liquidity will offer more efficient pricing and smoother execution of large orders.

Improved Security

FM Liquidity Match provides anonymous trading within a firm liquidity pool. This anonymity helps traders who prefer to execute large trades without revealing their identity to avoid market impact. The toxic flow protection also ensures a more secure and fair trading environment in the volatile crypto market.

Advanced Trading Infrastructure

The collaboration brings advanced trading infrastructure with a user-friendly interface and advanced technological features. FM Liquidity Match supports various protocols like FIX 4.4, REST, and WebSocket. It makes it accessible for innumerable trading strategies and preferences. 

Customized Risk Management

FM Liquidity Match tailor their risk exposure according to specific preferences and strategies with customisable pre-trade risk management controls. This flexibility in risk management benefits the unpredictable crypto market and enables users to manage and mitigate risks effectively.

About the Collaborators

Both partners are combining their unique features to enhance their services.

Hidden Road

Hidden Road is a global financial services company providing prime brokerage, clearing, and financing solutions. They enable seamless access to traditional and digital markets for institutional clients. It uses a modern technology stack to remove complexity and reduce costs in financial transactions. The company facilitates efficient credit intermediation and post-trade settlement. They offer conflict-free services that connect institutions to a broad range of market opportunities. Hidden Road aims to streamline the trading and investment process efficiently and securely.

Finery Markets

Finery Markets is a non-custodial cryptocurrency Electronic Communication Network (ECN) and provides advanced trading infrastructure for institutional players. It connects clients across various regions, including LATAM, North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, to a vast network of digital asset partners. Finery Markets serves over 100 digital asset entities like payment providers, brokers, OTC desks, hedge funds, and custodians. 

Looking Ahead

FM Liquidity Match will enhance institutional trading in the cryptocurrency space. The OTC liquidity pool will evolve to offer more sophisticated solutions. Its features and compliance enhance its appeal to institutional traders.

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