Hantec Trader – Hantec Launches Offshore Prop Trading Unit

Amid the ongoing trend in the Retail FX and CFDs market, Hantec Group, based in London and Hong Kong, has made a significant move by launching its proprietary trading firm, Hantec Trader. Let’s see what it is and what it has to offer the prop traders.

What is the Hantec Trader?

Hantec Trader, the offshore prop trading unit, is set to revolutionize the trading experience for aspiring and seasoned traders. Powered by Hantec Markets, a brokerage firm in Mauritius, this new venture provides traders with proprietary trading accounts, eliminating the need for personal capital.

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How to Start Trading on Hantec Trader?

  • To qualify for a live trading account with a balance of up to $200,000, traders must complete either the ‘Enhanced Challenge’ or ‘Express Challenge’ certification course. 
  • Upon passing their chosen challenge, traders gain access to ultra-low commissions and spreads on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platforms. 
  • They can retain up to 90% of their gains while benefiting from a comprehensive dashboard offering actionable insights for effective strategy creation.

Features of Hantec Trader

Here’s what you can do with the prop trading unit, Hantec Trader:

Range of Products

Hantec Trader offers diverse trading options across various markets, including currencies, metals, indices, etc.

Scaling Plan

The statement highlights the opportunity to unlock growth potential without incurring additional costs. After successfully passing the Challenge, the user can scale up their trading activity, with the option to manage funds up to $200,000 without any extra expenses.

Profit Split

Hantec Trader offers a generous profit-sharing arrangement to its traders. Traders can take advantage of a 75% profit split, and for those who want to maximize their earnings, there is an option to increase the profit split to an impressive 90% by purchasing a Challenge add-on.

Trading Conditions

Hantec Markets offers tight spreads, rapid execution, and industry-leading conditions that enhance trading precision and efficiency. Traders can benefit from these features to improve their trading experience.

Discounted Retake

The platform allows users to retake any Challenge at a 10% discount. This helps users improve their trading skills without having to pay the full price again. This reflects the platform’s commitment to providing a fair and beneficial experience.

MetaTrader Platform

The platform offers user-friendly and powerful MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms to traders to simplify their trading experiences.

About Hantec Group

Hantec Group is a multinational financial broker established in Hong Kong in 1990. It diversified into real estate, cultural innovation, and water plantations in Asia. ‘Hantec Markets’ emerged in Sydney in 2008, followed by a flagship office in London in 2010, propelling rapid global expansion. 

In 2020, the group split into Eastern and Western divisions, with Hantec Markets representing the Western division. It holds regulations in the UK (FCA) and Mauritius (FSC) and recently added the proprietary trading firm Hantec Trader.

Way Forward

The introduction of Hantec Trader aligns with the group’s mission of extending financial freedom and empowerment globally. Hantec enables individuals to confidently and affordably participate in global financial markets.  

The launch marks a significant stride towards facilitating profitable trading strategies in a secure and regulated environment.

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