GOAU ETF – Launch by U.S. Global Investors on LSE of Peru

U.S. Global Investors has announced the launch of its GOAU ETF on the Lima Stock Exchange. This announcement is noteworthy considering Peru’s status as Latin America’s leading gold producer and the substantial contribution of its mining sector to the country’s GDP.

Selecting the Lima Stock Exchange for GOAU’s listing portrays U.S. Global Investors’ approach to engaging with Peru’s profitable gold market. This launch will create a cooperative relationship between them. It will enhance investment opportunities in gold mining and royalty sectors.

What is GOAU ETF?

Gold and Precious Metal Miners ETF (GOAU) is an exchange-traded fund that focuses on companies involved in the gold mining industry. It is designed to provide investors with exposure to both domestic and international companies engaged in the exploration, mining, and production of gold and other precious metals.

Features of the GOAU ETF

The GOAU ETF offers a range of features catering to investors interested in the gold mining and royalty sector:

  • Provides specialized access to gold mining companies and royalty companies.
  • Utilizes a quantitative approach to select stocks based on criteria such as financial stability and return on investment.
  • Features significant industry players like Franco-Nevada, Wheaton Precious Metals, and Royal Gold.
  • Uses a strong, dynamic, rules-based smart-factor model to select precious minerals companies that earn over 50% of their aggregate revenue from precious minerals.
  • Uses fundamental screens to identify companies with favorable valuation, profitability, quality, and operating efficiency. 
  • The index consists of 28 common stocks or related ADRs.

Impact on Investors and the Gold Market

This ETF launch diversifies investment options and demonstrates awareness of evolving global dynamics.

Benefits for Peruvian Investors

  • Direct Access to Gold Investments: Peruvian investors gain direct access to a specialized ETF focusing on gold mining and royalty companies.
  • Portfolio Diversification: GOAU offers an opportunity for diversification in investors’ portfolios, especially in a region rich in gold resources.
  • Local Market Growth: The availability of GOAU could stimulate the growth of the local financial market by attracting more investments.

Global Implications

  • Influencing Gold Market Dynamics: GOAU’s listing in Peru may impact global gold prices by facilitating increased investments in gold mining and royalty companies.
  • Setting the trend in ETFs: The success of GOAU in Peru could encourage similar ETF listings globally and diversify the ETF market.

About U.S. Global Investors

U.S. Global Investors, Inc. specializes in niche markets around the world. It has a rich history of over 50 years and offers a range of investment services, specializing in global markets and sectors, including mutual funds and ETFs.

The listing of the Jets ETF on the Lima Stock Exchange in December 2020 marked its initial successful invasion into the Peruvian market. It probably guided the decision to introduce GOAU there. The decision to expand aligns with its broader market strategy of targeting key global financial markets, particularly those with a strong connection to their ETF focus areas.

Looking Ahead

The launch of GOAU indicates a rising trend in gold investment through ETFs. It presents a more accessible and diversified way to invest in gold. U.S. Global Investors might also introduce more niche ETFs and expand its global ETF offerings.

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