FXCubic Connectivity Integrates with DXtrade CFD Platform

FXCubic announced its integration with the DXtrade CFD platform on May 15th. FXCubic provides advanced technology solutions for the forex and CFD trading industry. DXtrade is an advanced CFD trading platform known for its flexibility and powerful trading tools.

About the Integration of the CFD Platform

The integration will leverage FXCubic’s advanced bridging and aggregation technology to ensure seamless connectivity with the DXtrade platform. This setup will allow faster order execution and lower latency. Users will experience enhanced stability and reliability in trade connections. It will also improve access to real-time market data and analytics.

Benefits for Traders

This integration will offer numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Faster Trade Execution

Traders benefit from significantly faster trade execution due to reduced latency. Orders will be processed almost instantaneously. It will allow traders to capitalize on market movements without delay. Faster execution offers better pricing and increased profitability.

Enhanced Reliability

The integration provides a highly stable trading environment with 99.99% system uptime. Traders and investors will have consistent access to the trading platform without unexpected downtimes. 

Advanced Trading Tools

Traders will have DXtrade’s sophisticated trading tools and FXCubic’s advanced connectivity solutions. It includes features like real-time market data, comprehensive charting tools, and automated trading capabilities. R=They will integrate for a better trading experience.

Improved Data Accuracy

The integration will provide more accurate and timely market data. Traders can make informed decisions with the latest information. They will be able to analyze trends and execute strategies effectively.

Enhanced Security

Data and transactions will be secured with advanced encryption protocols. This integration will reduce the risk of data breaches and ensure all trading activities are secure and private.

Increased Efficiency

The combined strengths of FXCubic and DXtrade streamline trading operations. Investors can manage their portfolios more efficiently with quicker trading platform access and smoother transaction processes. This efficiency saves time and reduces operational stress.

About The Collaborators

FXCubic and DXtrade will combine their strength to provide the best client experience.


Ege Kozan, Sencer Coltu, and Cem Kozan founded FXCubic in 2016 to revolutionize financial technology solutions for retail and institutional brokers. FXCubic provides retail trading brokers with low-latency access to a network of liquidity providers, which includes banks and hedge funds, enabling competitive and efficient trade executions. It specializes in advanced pricing aggregation solutions. FXcubic has a reliable and efficient trading infrastructure. The company aims to enhance connectivity, execution speed, and market depth. 


DXtrade was created by Devexperts. It is a customizable trading platform solution for brokerage firms. It offers services like risk management, client profiling, and execution strategies. Its objective is to provide brokers with a flexible and scalable system tailored to their specific needs. DXtrade aims to deliver a high-quality, efficient trading environment.


This integration offers improved connectivity and reduced latency. It also provides robust security features and high system reliability. It will set a new standard for connectivity and performance in the CFD trading industry.

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