Funding Pips Resumes Operations with Match-Trader

Amidst ongoing turmoil in the retail prop trading sector, particularly driven by actions from certain trading platform providers like MetaQuotes, developer of MT4 and MT5 platforms, and pressure faced by CFD brokers influenced by MetaQuotes, Funding Pips, a well-known prop outfit, has announced its comeback. The company is now back in business with the relaunch, having integrated the Match-Trader platform.

Funding Pips Resumes Operations – About the Relaunch 

Funding Pips, a retail prop trading company, has relaunched after integrating the Match-Trader platform. CEO Khaled Ayesh announced the upcoming addition of cTrader and TradeLocker next week. Despite initial setbacks, such as a bug in account upgrades, the company aims to resolve issues promptly. Clients can expect improved functionality, including the ability to migrate trading history and adjust stop loss/take profit levels directly on charts. 

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What Does It Mean for Users?

With Funding Pips prop company relaunching and integrating the Match-Trader platform, along with plans to introduce cTrader and TradeLocker next week, users can anticipate several implications:

Enhanced Trading Experience

Adding Match-Trader and upcoming platforms promises an improved trading environment for Funding Pips users, offering them more options and functionalities to execute their trades efficiently.

Seamless Transition

Users can expect a smooth transition despite initial disruptions as their accounts are migrated and integrated into the new platforms. Funding Pips’ commitment to providing instructions and tutorials ensures users are well-equipped to navigate the changes seamlessly.

Expanded Features

Match-Trader’s unique capabilities, such as migrating trading account history and enabling adjustments to stop loss and take profit levels directly on the chart, offer users greater flexibility and control over their trades.

Addressing Challenges

While Funding Pips acknowledges challenges like delays in platform upgrades and issues with account migrations, the company’s proactive approach to resolving these issues indicates its dedication to ensuring a satisfactory user experience.

Payout Schedule

Users should note a slight delay in payout eligibility and requests due to the blackout period, with payouts expected to be processed by the 27th for those scheduled on the 20th.

About Funding Pips

Funding Pips empowers traders to reach new heights in the world of proprietary trading. Its cutting-edge platform offers groundbreaking technology and modern solutions designed to propel traders’ experience. It offers a dynamic funding program, providing grants of up to $400,000 upon successfully navigating its rigorous 2-Phase Evaluation Process. Funding Pips helps traders with the tools and resources they need to thrive in today’s ever-evolving market.

Way Ahead

Funding Pips’ relaunch marks a significant milestone amidst the challenges facing the retail prop trading sector. As the company moves forward, it remains committed to addressing any remaining issues swiftly and transparently. With the imminent introduction of the cTrader and TradeLocker platforms and ongoing efforts to enhance client experience on Match-Trader, Funding Pips is likely to regain its position as a leading player in the industry.

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