From Forex4you to Markets4you – Rebranding for the Better

Offshore CFDs broker Forex4you has embarked on a transformative journey, announcing its rebranding to Markets4you. With a fresh brand name, logo, and identity, visitors to the company’s old website,, are now redirected to This strategic move underscores the company’s position as a leading, global multi-asset and multi-platform trading provider.

Forex4you to Markets4you – About the Rebranding  

The rebranding initiative signifies a pivotal moment for Forex4you, now Markets4you, as it evolves into a comprehensive trading powerhouse. 

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Here’s what it means for the users.

Expanded Trading Options

With Markets4you’s transition into a multi-asset and multi-platform trading provider, users can anticipate trading options beyond forex. The inclusion of stocks, indices, and commodities diversified investment opportunities, empowering users to explore new markets and diversify their portfolios.

Enhanced Accessibility and Transparency

Markets4you’s core values of competency, honesty, internationalism, and innovation underscore its commitment to providing users with a transparent and accessible trading environment.

Alignment with Industry Trends

The decision to rebrand aligns with broader industry trends, where trading platforms are moving towards more comprehensive brand identities. Users can expect a shift towards platforms that offer a diverse range of trading instruments and a seamless user experience across various devices.

Regulatory Compliance and Stability

Operated by the British Virgin Islands (BVI) domiciled company E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc., Markets4you is commited to regulatory compliance and stability. Users can trade with confidence, knowing that the platform adheres to rigorous standards and operates within a secure regulatory framework.

About Markets4you

Markets4you is an esteemed multi-asset trading platform, acclaimed for its exceptional offerings in contracts for differences (CFDs) across a diverse array of markets. With a track record spanning 17 years, Markets4you has garnered the trust of over 2.9 million traders and 52,000 partners. The platform has disbursed more than $170 M to its valued clients and partners, attesting to its reliability.

Way Ahead

The rebranding of Forex4you to Markets4you marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey, symbolising its evolution into a comprehensive trading platform. With a renewed focus on accessibility, transparency, and innovation, Markets4you redefine the trading landscape and cater to the diverse needs of traders worldwide.

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