FP Markets Gets FX Broker License in Kenya

In a strategic move, FP Markets, a leading brokerage firm headquartered in Sydney, has secured a non-dealing Foreign Exchange Broker License from Kenya’s CMA (Capital Markets Authority). This development comes on the heels of FP Markets obtaining a South African license last year, marking the company’s continued expansion into the African market.

Acquiring FX Broker License in Kenya – What Does it Mean?

Kenya, identified as a crucial strategic location, has attracted FP Markets due to its vibrant and dynamic trading and investing community. The country is a well-regulated financial services center and a hub for significant parts of Africa. With its advanced economy, characterized by a robust entrepreneurial spirit and consistent growth, Kenya presents a lucrative market for retail brokers.

The acquisition is in line with the trend of international brokers obtaining licenses in Kenya, a market with specific regulations for forex and CFD brokers.

FP Markets’ move follows warnings from the country’s regulator against retail brokers operating without local authorization.

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Why Kenya is Brokers’ Choice for Forex and CFD Licenses?

Regulatory Framework

Kenya is one of the few African markets with established local regulations for forex and CFD brokers. The regulatory framework provides a clear set of rules and guidelines, ensuring a structured and secure environment for financial services.

Economic Hub

As a financial hub for significant parts of Africa, Kenya is a strategic location for brokers. Its advanced economy and well-regulated financial services center status make it an attractive base for operations targeting the broader African market.

Trading Community

Kenya boasts a young and dynamic trading and investing community. The country’s population, characterized by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, actively engages in financial markets. This presents brokers with a vibrant market receptive to innovative financial services.

Market Conditions

The penetration of the Internet and mobile phones in Kenya has significantly contributed to the growth of online trading. Combined with a rising income level, these factors create a lucrative environment for retail brokers. The nominal GDP of approximately $113 billion positions Kenya as the seventh-largest economy in Africa, further underlining its economic significance.

International Presence

Many well-known international brokerages, including FP Markets, Admirals, INGOT Brokers, and Exness, have recognized the potential in the Kenyan market. The global players’ acquisition of licenses reflects a trend of expanding into Kenya to tap into its growing financial ecosystem.

Rising Demand for Financial Services

As Kenya experiences growth in internet accessibility and financial literacy, there is a rising demand for diverse financial services. FX and CFD brokers can offer a variety of investment products and trading opportunities to individuals who want to participate in global financial markets.

About FP Markets

With its headquarters in Sydney, FP Markets has been actively expanding its presence in Africa. The company obtained operational licenses in South Africa and Kenya. In addition to its African licenses, FP Markets is licensed in Mauritius, Australia, Cyprus, and the Bahamas.


FP Markets’ acquisition of a broker’s license in Kenya reflects the company’s strategic focus on the untapped potential of the African market. FP Markets aims to work with local regulatory bodies and the government to ensure responsible and sustainable growth in Kenya’s emerging financial hub.

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