FlexTrade Associates With BTON Financial for Tech Innovation

FlexTrade Systems, a leader in multi-asset execution and order management systems, has associated with BTON Financial, a pioneer in data collaboration and order routing decision technology. It is a significant step in trading and will offer AI-driven solutions to optimize broker selection and execution strategies within FlexTRADER EMS.

What Does This Integration Have to Offer to the Clients?

The integration between FlexTrade’s FlexTRADER EMS and BTON’s recommendation algorithm guides in a new trading intelligence era. Traders can now access BTON’s state-of-the-art recommendation algorithm within FlexTRADER. Traders can harness collective data sets and AI to make more informed trading decisions.

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Seamless Access

Clients using FlexTRADER EMS now have direct access to BTON’s advanced recommendation algorithms. They can enjoy a more integrated and efficient trading experience.

AIdriven Suggestions

This integration provides AI-driven broker selection suggestions to help them make data-backed decisions.

Enhanced Decision-making

It enhances trading decision-making using insights based on a vast array of data points.

Easy Selection

Traders can effortlessly select orders from their blotter, send them to BTON, and streamline the trading process.

Quick Execution

The integration facilitates the quick execution of trades by providing immediate feedback on the best broker for any transaction.

Optimal Efficiency

The integration drives enhanced efficiency in trading operations by automating and optimizing broker selection.

Simplified Workflow

The solution simplifies the trading workflow, especially for low-touch transactions, and allows traders to focus on more complex tasks.

About FlexTrade

FlexTrade is renowned for its multi-asset execution and order management facility. It brings to the table its FlexTRADER EMS, a platform that caters to diverse trading needs. In 2023, they launched FlexA, a voice-activated application. It allows traders to use natural language to interact with the FlexTRADER EMS.

About BTON Financial

BTON Financial specializes in cloud-based, AI, and data-driven SaaS solutions. It focuses on enhancing buy-side trading desk performance while minimizing costs. It is at the forefront of trading desk optimization technology.

The Future of Trading Technology

This integration is an indicator of the future of trading technology. It benefits clients and sets an example for future innovations in AI-driven trading solutions. They are ready to provide more sophisticated, accountable, and efficient solutions for order execution worldwide.

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