First Bank Partners with Backbase Engagement Banking Platform

First Bank partners with Backbase, a leader in engagement banking platforms. The bank intends to enhance its digital banking services by adopting Backbase’s innovative platform. This integration will enhance customer experiences and streamline banking processes in a digital-focused financial market.

First Bank’s Collaborations with Backbase – What Does the Partnership Offer?

Backbase’s platform enhances First Bank’s digital banking by unifying various banking services. This integration offers customers a seamless experience, consolidating banking functions like account management, payments, and customer support onto a single platform. The result is a streamlined digital journey, reducing complexity and enhancing user satisfaction. The platform boasts robust customization and integration capabilities. 

Benefits of the Partnership

The partnership offers several benefits for traders and investors:

Enhanced Customer Experience

The integration enables First Bank to offer a digital-first banking experience, making it more efficient and user-friendly for its customers. The bank can now operate on a unified platform, addressing all client needs.

Integration with Existing Technology Solutions

The platform allows the integration of multiple existing technology solutions like fraud management and payments. Such a centralized platform facilitates smooth integration with new technologies.

Customization and Flexibility

Backbase offers unparalleled flexibility and allows customization of customer journeys and control over the pace of innovation. It helps traders and investors requiring tailored banking services to adapt to their specific needs.

National and Global Reach Expansion

The integration allows the bank to extend its customer base nationally and even in areas where it lacks a physical presence. It aids traders and investors who operate on a national or global scale and require banking services not limited by geographical constraints.

Accelerated Product and Service Delivery

The partnership will enable faster delivery of new financial products and services. It will benefit traders and institutional investors who rely on up-to-date financial services and products.

About First Bank

First Bank (FRBA) is a financial institution with over 100 years of history. It offers financial products and services, including personal and commercial banking, wealth management, and investment services. The bank focuses on innovative offerings and exceptional customer service to grow its customer base. First Bank has earned a reputation for reliability and excellence.

About Backbase 

Backbase was established in 2003. It is a fintech software company known for its innovative solutions in digital banking and engagement banking platforms. Its services include customer-centric digital banking solutions, integrating functionalities like mobile banking, online banking, and omnichannel banking experiences. 

Looking ahead

This move is a shift towards more integrated, customer-centric digital banking solutions and will potentially influence other financial institutions to enhance their digital capabilities. First Bank and Backbase will likely continue exploring further expansions and technological innovations. 

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