FCA Registered OANDA to Offer Crypto Trading in the UK

OANDA has introduced crypto trading in the UK to expand its offerings. OANDA is a global leader in online multi-asset trading services. The expansion came after it acquired Coinpass and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). 

About the UK Expansion of Crypto Trading

The FCA registration shows high credibility and security for cryptocurrency trading platforms in the UK. This approval ensures adherence to stringent financial standards and builds trust among investors. OANDA is a leader in online multi-asset trading services. Its entry into the cryptocurrency space shows a shift in its business model. It will serve clients seeking diversified investment opportunities. 

Benefits for Traders

This expansion will offer numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Enhanced Security and Trust

The FCA registration increases security and trust among traders and investors. OANDA certifies higher consumer protection, financial transparency, and operational integrity standards. It assures that traders’ investments are safe against fraud and malpractice and encourages a secure trading environment.

Increased Trading Options

OANDA now offers over 63 cryptocurrency pairs integrating Coinpass’s technology. Traders and investors can diversify their portfolios beyond traditional financial instruments into digital assets with this broad selection. It serves different risk tolerances and investment strategies and provides tools to capitalize on the volatile crypto market.

Regulated Access 

This registration provides a regulated gateway to the growing cryptocurrency markets. It is mainly beneficial in a space where unregulated platforms can cause unnecessary risks. The platform assures compliance with UK financial laws. It offers extra security that encourages retail and institutional investors to enter the crypto market confidently.

Investor Confidence

OANDA’s registration can stabilize the UK’s cryptocurrency market. Strict regulation ensures market integrity and boosts investor confidence. Traders can have regulated platforms to provide fair trading conditions, transparent pricing, and protection against market manipulation.

Competitive Edge

OANDA gives forex and cryptocurrency trading under one platform. This hybrid offering makes OANDA a competitive player in the crypto trading space. It enables users to use the volatility of cryptocurrencies while enjoying the stability and reliability of a regulated forex broker. This dual approach enhances trading strategies.


OANDA is a global leader in online multi-asset trading services, currency data, and analytics. It offers trading in numerous financial instruments, including foreign exchange (forex), commodities, and indices, to retail and institutional clients. OANDA provides transparent pricing, advanced trading tools, and comprehensive market analysis to promote informed decisions. The company innovates in trading technology and customer service to enhance the trading experience and support efficient trading strategies.

Looking Ahead

OANDA will encourage wider adoption of cryptocurrencies in the UK. It will rely on differentiation to stand out in a fiercely competitive domain. Combining traditional forex strengths with innovative crypto trading services will be its edge to succeed. 

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