FairXchange Introduces Sentinel for FX Liquidity Data Analytics

FairXchange, a financial data analytics firm, has introduced Horizon Sentinel, a cutting-edge AI-driven alerting tool for FX liquidity data analytics. The tool instantly identifies significant changes in a financial institution’s liquidity and counterparty activities.

About the Sentinel

FairXchange has launched Horizon Sentinel, an advanced AI-driven alert system designed to enhance FX liquidity data analytics. Sentinel identifies significant real-time changes in a financial institution’s liquidity and counterparty activities. By automating the monitoring process, Sentinel reduces the time required for data analysis, enabling financial institutions to focus on capitalising on new opportunities.

Key benefits of Sentinel include automatic notifications to compliance and management teams about critical changes, such as transaction cost fluctuations and shifts in trading activity. This tool integrates seamlessly with FairXchange’s Horizon platform, offering rigorous period-to-period comparisons and data-driven insights.

Before its official release, Sentinel was trialled by several long-standing FairXchange clients, including Sucden Financial.

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What Does It Mean for the Users?

Here is what it means for users. 

Enhanced Efficiency

Integrating Sentinel into the Horizon platform means users can significantly reduce the time spent analysing FX liquidity data. This allows traders and salespeople to focus more on seizing new opportunities and maximising their trading efficiency.

Improved Trading Insights

With Sentinel, users benefit from enhanced period-to-period comparisons and data-driven insights. This added analytics layer helps traders make more informed decisions, improving their overall trading strategy and performance.

Seamless Integration

As an optional module in FairXchange’s Horizon platform, Sentinel integrates smoothly with existing tools. Users can easily incorporate its advanced alerting capabilities without disrupting their current workflows, ensuring a seamless transition and immediate benefits.

Increased Productivity

By automating the monitoring of liquidity and counterparty activities, Sentinel frees up valuable time for users. This increased productivity allows firms to focus on what truly adds value, such as enhancing client relationships and driving revenue growth.

Greater Market Differentiation

The ability to monitor and respond to market changes proactively sets users apart from their peers. This proactive management of liquidity flows and counterparty interactions helps firms differentiate themselves in the competitive FX trading landscape.

About FairXchange

FairXchange is a privately held company specialising in trading analytics, primarily focusing on the microstructural analysis of financial markets. Established in 2016, the company provides independent data and analytics to help trading firms optimise their trading strategies and execution costs. The company is part of the United Fintech group.

Way Ahead

Sentinel offers users a powerful tool to enhance their FX liquidity data analytics. With its AI-driven alerts, seamless integration, and ability to provide real-time insights, Sentinel helps traders, compliance teams, and management make more informed decisions. This will improve productivity and drive better future trading outcomes for its clients.

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