Ebury Acquires Prime Financial Markets 

In a strategic move to solidify its global footprint further, Ebury, a leading FX and payments company, has successfully entered the African market by acquiring Johannesburg-based Prime Financial Markets. This landmark development marks Ebury’s inaugural presence on the African continent and underlines the company’s swift international expansion, driven by soaring demand for its services.

This blog explains Ebury’s acquisition of Prime Financial Markets and how it will impact traders.

Ebury Acquires Prime Financial Markets – Establishing Presence in South Africa

Ebury’s acquisition of Prime Financial Markets marks its entry into the South African market. Prime Financial Markets is a well-known financial services provider in Johannesburg with expertise in treasury, financial market advice, and intermediary services.

Prime Financial Markets Acquisition – What Does it Mean for the Traders?

The traders in South Africa will now have access to the extended financial services offered by the leading FX player, Ebury. 

Access to FX and Payment Services

Ebury provides South African traders with expertise in foreign exchange and payment services. They specialize in handling transactions in over 130 currencies, making it easy to manage international financial dealings.

Enhanced International Trade Finance Services

Ebury’s acquisition brings forth an augmentation of international trade finance services. Traders can now access a wider range of financial instruments, and receive support to facilitate cross-border trade. This will increase their capacity to navigate the complexities of global commerce.

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Simplified International Payments and Collections

With Ebury’s entry into the South African market, traders can access streamlined international payment and collection processes. Ebury’s technology streamlines cross-border payments, reducing complexities and delays for traders.

Expert Assistance in Cash Management

Ebury’s financial services extend beyond traditional boundaries, offering traders expert assistance in cash management. This includes strategic advice and solutions to optimize cash flow, ensuring traders can effectively manage their liquidity in a dynamic global market.

Efficient Foreign Exchange Risk Management

With Ebury’s expertise, traders now have a powerful ally in managing foreign exchange risk. The company’s comprehensive approach to risk management provides traders in South Africa with tools and strategies to navigate currency fluctuations and mitigate potential financial exposures, enhancing overall financial stability.

About Ebury

Ebury has emerged as a global player in FX and payments, boasting over 1,700 employees across 38 offices in 23 countries. With an annual transaction volume surpassing $27 billion, Ebury supports SMEs and midcap companies engaged in international trade. 

The company offers various services for global transactions, such as payment and collection solutions, foreign exchange services for 130+ currencies, cash management strategies, and trade finance and foreign exchange risk management.

About Prime Financial Markets

Prime Financial Markets, the acquired entity, is recognized for its treasury and financial market services proficiency. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, this Financial Services Provider offers a range of treasury services including evaluation, execution, management, and integration advice.

Way Forward

As Ebury expands in Africa, this acquisition creates a strong collaboration to dominate the financial services market. The move reaffirms Ebury’s commitment to providing unparalleled services to clients globally.

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