DXtrade Platform Adds Multi-Currency Accounts Support

Devexperts has upgraded its DXtrade platform to support multi-currency accounts and enhance trading capabilities. DXtrade is a customizable trading platform solution for brokerage firms. This upgrade will streamline brokers’ operations and provide more flexibility for traders.

About the Upgrade

DXtrade now supports multi-currency accounts. Brokers and traders can manage funds in multiple currencies seamlessly. The upgrade enables access to global markets, including EU equity markets, to trade stocks and ETFs. DXtrade now uses dxFeed for market data to ensure real-time data accuracy. The platform allows detailed configuration of multiple accounts in different currencies. Brokers can set specific commissions and fees for each currency, optimizing their financial operations and catering to diverse client needs.

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Benefits for Traders 

This update will offer multiple benefits to traders and investors:

Simplified Currency Management

Traders can manage funds in different currencies without needing frequent conversions with multi-currency support. It saves time and reduces transaction costs, offering more efficient trading operations.

Access to Global Markets

Traders can access various global markets, including EU equity markets. Traders can diversify portfolios, invest in a broader range of assets, and explore new market trends.

Real-Time Data 

Using dxFeed for market data ensures that traders receive accurate, real-time information. It enhances decision-making, and traders can respond quickly to market movements and make informed investment choices.

Low Trading Costs

The ability to set specific commissions and fees for each currency helps optimise financial operations. Fee structure transparency ensures traders can better plan their investments and minimize unnecessary expenses.

Enhanced Market Analysis Tools

New widgets and tools introduced in the upgrade provide in-depth market analysis. These tools support traders in conducting thorough research and developing robust trading strategies based on comprehensive market insights.

About Devexperts

Devexperts specializes in financial software development. It provides trading platforms, market data services, and financial analysis tools and collaborates with leading financial institutions worldwide. 

Devexperts created DXtrade. It is a customizable trading platform solution for brokerage firms. It offers services like risk management, client profiling, and execution strategies. Its objective is to provide brokers with a flexible and scalable system tailored to their needs. DXtrade aims to deliver a high-quality, efficient trading environment.


The DXtrade platform upgrade significantly enhances trading capabilities with multi-currency support and broader market access. This benefits both brokers and traders by improving efficiency and flexibility.

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