dxFeed Launches Market Data IaaS for Tradu

dxFeed, a leading provider of data solutions and index management for the financial industry, has unveiled a groundbreaking Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) project for Tradu, an advanced multi-asset trading platform designed for active traders and investors. 

In this collaboration, dxFeed takes charge of critical infrastructure and data provision, allowing Tradu to focus on its core business objectives.

dxFeed Launches Market Data IaaS – What are the Features?

Here are the valuable features of dxFeed’s market data infrastructure as a service product. 

Seamless Connectivity 

dxFeed addresses the intricate technical challenges of delivering market data to end-users by establishing seamless connectivity to trading platforms. This breakthrough enables users to access high-quality market data from prominent global exchanges in the EU, US, Hong Kong, and Australia. All of this is facilitated through dxFeed’s robust infrastructure.

Eliminating Complex Data Access Infrastructure

This innovative approach eliminates the need to build and maintain complex global data access infrastructure. dxFeed’s solution ensures that the users experience a smooth and effortless interaction with the platform without the complexities associated with managing extensive global data access points.

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Scalable Low-Latency Infrastructure

dxFeed’s infrastructure is not only seamless but also scalable and low-latency. Clients in Asia, the Americas, and Europe benefit from the consolidated market data from diverse sources. The solution can support hundreds of thousands of users simultaneously and is scalable to meet future demands.

Exclusive Data Feed Services

This collaboration introduces exclusive data feed services tailored for each stock platform, which is a notable addition. This enhancement marks a significant step forward, demonstrating dxFeed’s commitment to delivering specialised and innovative solutions. Providing exclusive data feeds enriches Tradu’s platform offerings, providing users with a more comprehensive and refined trading experience.

About dxFeed

dxFeed stands at the forefront of data solutions and index management in the financial industry. The company’s expertise lies in addressing technical challenges related to market data and providing comprehensive solutions that empower trading platforms.

About Tradu

Tradu, the beneficiary of dxFeed’s latest venture, is an advanced multi-asset platform designed for active traders and investors. Tradu leverages dxFeed’s infrastructure to expand its instrument and user numbers, delivering a sophisticated trading experience on a global scale.

Way Forward

The Market Data IaaS model is becoming increasingly popular among various enterprises, from agile startups looking for rapid development to established brands recognising the strategic benefits of outsourcing market data infrastructure. The collaboration between dxFeed and Tradu sets a benchmark for future market data provision and infrastructure management innovations.

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