Davy Goes Live on Torstone Technologies’ Post-Trade Platform

In a significant stride toward enhancing post-trade capabilities, Torstone Technology, a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) platform specializing in post-trade securities and derivatives processing, proudly announces the successful deployment of its Torstone Post Trade Platform by Davy Capital Markets. 

As Ireland’s premier capital markets firm and a distinguished Bank of Ireland Group member, Davy Capital Markets is set to elevate its middle and back office processing, underlining its commitment to operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Davy Goes Live on Torstone – What is Torstone Post Trade Platform?

Davy Capital Markets has embraced the comprehensive suite of features offered by the Torstone Post Trade Platform, a cloud-based solution renowned for its versatility and scalability. The platform covers a spectrum of functionalities, including regulatory reporting, general ledger accounting, reconciliations, and settlement services such as CREST, Sub-Agent, and Euroclear Ireland. 

Davy Capital Markets aims to streamline post-trade processes with this deployment, to ensure agility in the financial landscape. Torstone was selected as the preferred provider in 2022, and now its post-trade processing capabilities have been successfully integrated into Davy Capital Markets’ operations. 

The Torstone Platform’s cloud-based nature ensures flexibility, allowing Davy Capital Markets to adapt swiftly to industry changes and cater to the dynamic needs of its clients.

About Davy Capital Markets

The Davy Group is a well-established wealth management and capital markets firm headquartered in Ireland. Davy Capital Markets is a market leader, managing over €16bn with a team of 800+ professionals. The firm has offices located in Dublin, London, and other parts of the island of Ireland.

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About Torstone Technologies

Torstone Technology is a London-headquartered global SaaS platform for post-trade securities and derivatives processing and risk management. They offer comprehensive functionality, business process automation, and world-class client service to financial institutions worldwide. Torstone’s award-winning technology enables global financial firms to reduce costs, achieve greater operational efficiency, drive revenue growth, and minimize risk.

How Post Trade Solution Will Benefit the Traders?

The partnership enhances the post-trade capabilities of the leading capital market firm with advanced trading experience.

Operational Efficiency 

The Torstone Post Trade Platform streamlines middle and back office processing, enhancing overall operational efficiency for Davy Capital Markets.

Regulatory Compliance 

The platform incorporates robust regulatory reporting features, ensuring Davy Capital Markets complies with evolving regulatory requirements.

Versatility and Scalability 

As a cloud-based solution, Torstone’s platform provides Davy Capital Markets with the flexibility and scalability required to keep pace with industry changes and grow to meet client demands.

Comprehensive Suite of Features 

Davy Capital Markets gains access to a comprehensive suite of features covering everything from general ledger accounting to settlement services, providing an all-encompassing post-trade solution.


When Davy goes live on Torstone Technologies’ post-trade platform, it enhances operational excellence and regulatory compliance. Torstone Technology partnership simplifies post-trade processing and adapts to changing financial industry demands.

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