David and Albert Acquire More CMC Markets Shares

CMC Markets, an online trading provider, continues to make headlines. Recently, top executives David Fineberg and Albert Soleiman increased their shareholdings in the company. It shows strong internal confidence in its prospects.

About CMC Markets Shares Acquisition

On April 5, 2024, under the UK Share Incentive Plan, both executives invested further in CMC Markets:

– David Fineberg acquired 128 shares for 232p each.

– Albert Soleiman acquired 130 shares at the same price. These transactions underline their commitment to the company’s future.

The timing of these purchases coincides with recent moves by CMC Markets, including significant cost-cutting initiatives that led to a surge in the company’s share price by 18% following the announcement of a reduction in its global workforce by approximately 17%. 

Effects on the Market

This acquisition will have a significant effect on the market and investors:

Increased Investor Confidence

When high-ranking executives purchase shares in their own company, it shows strong confidence in the company’s prospects. This reassures traders and investors that the company’s leadership believes in the business’s sustainability and growth potential. 

Alignment of Interests

These acquisitions align executive interests with shareholders’ interests. Investors and traders often look for such alignments, as they imply that the company’s management will work diligently to enhance shareholder value.

Positive Market Perception

The market generally perceives insider buying positively. It can lead to upward movements in stock prices, offer short-term trading opportunities, and be seen by long-term investors as a sign of enduring value.

About Key Figures

David Fineberg, the Deputy CEO, has led CMC Markets through various market conditions, enhancing its technological edge and service offerings. Albert Soleiman, the CFO, brings robust financial acuity to the table, having managed the company’s finances through fluctuating economic times.

CMC Markets

CMC Markets is a UK-based online trading provider. It offers Contracts for Difference (CFDs), forex, indices, commodities, shares, ETFs, bonds, and crypto trading. CMC Markets extends coverage ranging from £85k for UK clients to CAD 1mn for Canadian clients. It offers an intuitive design with customizable layouts, advanced charting tools, and multiple technical indicators. It has low spreads across a vast selection of currency pairs. 


The share acquisitions by Fineberg and Soleiman suggest a strong internal belief in the company’s strategic direction and growth potential. For stakeholders, these actions could signify a reassuring commitment from the top executives. Looking ahead, these developments could herald further strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and market competitiveness.

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