Commercial Bank International and Fuze Partner to Enhance UAE Crypto Market

Commercial Bank International (CBI) and Fuze have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop digital asset solutions in the UAE. This partnership will cater to the rising demand for regulated cryptocurrency services.

About The Partnership

The collaboration will address the increasing need for regulated cryptocurrency services. The partnership will develop multiple digital assets and blockchain products. The partnership will introduce new use cases for digital assets. It will cover numerous possibilities like investments and payments. It will promote a safe and regulated environment for digital asset exploration. 

Benefits For Traders

This partnership will offer numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Enhanced Security 

The platform will prioritise security and compliance for traders and investors. It will offer a safe environment for engaging with digital assets. It will also protect against potential risks related to unregulated markets.

Financial Inclusion 

The partnership will make financial services democratic. It will offer innovative digital asset solutions that improve financial accessibility. It will provide new investment and payment opportunities and broaden financial participation.

Innovative Digital Asset Products

The partnership will introduce a range of new digital asset use cases. Traders and investors will be able to explore new financial products and services. It will offer higher returns and diversified investment portfolios.

Enhanced Crypto Market Infrastructure

The collaboration supports the development of a robust digital assets ecosystem in the UAE. Traders and investors will have improved market infrastructure. It will offer a more efficient and reliable platform for conducting transactions and accessing digital asset services.

About The Collaborators

Both partners will use their strengths to offer the best services to clients:

Commercial Bank International

Commercial Bank International (CBI) is a corporate and retail bank. It offers financial products, services, and innovative banking solutions. It promotes financial inclusion and supports the economic development of the UAE. The bank uses the latest technologies to enhance customer experience.


Fuze is a digital asset infrastructure provider in the MENA region. It develops and offers infrastructure solutions that enable digital asset use, exchange, and management. Fuze is exploring and developing digital asset solutions in the UAE with CBI. It will address the rising demand for regulated cryptocurrency services.

Looking Forward

The partnership will offer new investments and payment opportunities with innovative use cases for digital assets and cryptocurrencies. It will make digital finance more accessible to a broader population segment. It will democratise access to financial services and enhance financial freedom and empowerment.

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