CME Group Appointed Mike Dennis as Global Head, Fixed Income

CME Group, an international derivatives marketplace, has announced Mike Dennis as its Global Head of Fixed Income.

CME Group Appointed Mike Dennis About the Appointment 

Dennis will manage key futures and options contracts on SOFR and U.S. Treasuries and lead BrokerTec, the premier electronic cash trading platform for U.S. Treasury benchmarks. 

Reporting to Chairman and CEO Terry Duffy, Dennis will join the Management Team and assume his new role on August 5. 

With 22 years of experience, Dennis served as Chief Commercial Officer at ABN AMRO Clearing USA LLC. His background includes roles at Societe Generale, Advantage Futures, and JP Morgan Chase Chicago. Dennis began his career 2002 at JP Morgan Chase Chicago in the Corporate Investment Banking Division. Over the years, he has served on several market oversight committees for the CME and CBOT exchanges.

Dennis holds a B.S. in finance from Marquette University and has Series 3, 63, 7, and 24 licences.

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What Does It Mean?

Here is what it means for users. 

Enhanced Market Oversight

With Mike Dennis at the helm as Global Head of Fixed Income, traders can expect improved oversight and management of CME Group’s key benchmark futures and options contracts on SOFR and U.S. Treasuries. Dennis’s extensive experience in interest rate trading will help ensure these markets operate efficiently and transparently.

Innovative Clearing and Trading Solutions

Dennis has a background in launching a fixed-income clearing and repo initiative at ABN AMRO. With that, traders can anticipate innovative clearing and trading solutions that could streamline their operations and reduce costs. This experience will be invaluable in maintaining CME Group’s position as a leader in the derivatives marketplace.

Improved Risk Management Tools

With Dennis overseeing the management of CME Group’s futures and options contracts, traders can expect more robust and comprehensive risk management tools. His expertise will contribute to developing products and services that better meet the needs of traders looking to hedge risk across the U.S. yield curve.

Strategic Leadership

Dennis’s appointment signals CME Group’s strategic focus on strengthening its fixed-income product offerings. His proven track record in the industry and deep understanding of the market will drive CME Group’s efforts to deliver value and innovation to traders.

About CME Group

CME Group is the world’s leading derivatives marketplace, where individuals and institutions come to manage risk effectively. It offers a wide range of global benchmark products across major asset classes, including interest rates, equity indexes, foreign exchange, energy, agricultural products, and metals.

Way Ahead

As CME Group appointed Mike Dennis, traders can look forward to potential new product offerings and enhancements that will provide additional opportunities and efficiencies in trading U.S. Treasuries and other fixed-income products. His leadership would foster a dynamic and responsive trading environment that caters to the evolving needs of market participants.

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