CFI’s In-app AI Trading Assistant – Beta Version is Out

CFI, the leading broker in the MENA region, has unveiled the Beta Version of its in-app AI Trading Assistant, marking a significant leap in its commitment to revolutionize online trading. This follows CFI’s earlier introduction of the Capitalise AI trading automation tool. The new AI Trading Assistant, designed to simplify and enhance the trading experience, is now available in Beta within the CFI trading app.

Features of CFI’s In-app AI Trading Assistant

CFI’s AI Trading Assistant offers advanced features with user-friendly accessibility, providing traders with a cutting-edge tool that enhances the trading experience.

Automated Trading Strategies

CFI’s AI Trading Assistant facilitates the automation of trading strategies without requiring users to possess advanced development skills. Traders can streamline operations, execute strategies, and respond to market changes efficiently.

Comprehensive Risk Management

The AI Assistant has robust risk management capabilities, empowering traders to navigate volatile markets more confidently. Users can set personalized risk parameters and receive timely alerts to ensure responsible and informed trading decisions.

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Emotion Control Mechanisms

Addressing a critical aspect of trading psychology, the AI Trading Assistant assists in emotion control. Through data-driven insights, the Assistant helps traders maintain discipline and rational decisions, minimizing the impact of emotions on trading outcomes.

Simplified Information Access

CFI’s AI Assistant is valuable for traders seeking simplified and relevant information. Users can access real-time market analysis, the latest trends, and insights, aiding in informed decision-making.

Companion for Diverse Needs

Beyond trading automation, the AI Assistant is a versatile companion catering to various trader needs. From providing the latest market analysis to facilitating requests such as withdrawals and leverage changes, the Assistant streamlines user interactions.

Educational Support 

Recognizing the complexity of the online trading landscape, CFI’s AI Trading Assistant is designed to be educational. New traders can benefit from the Assistant’s guidance on using AI technology effectively.

About CFI – Credit Financier Invest

CFI is the top broker in MENA with a strong presence and more regulated entities than any other broker in the sector. CFI is committed to providing top-notch financial services and innovative solutions to MENA clients.

With a history of over 25 years, CFI has cultivated a global presence, operating through multiple entities in key financial hubs worldwide. The broker maintains a strategic presence in London, Larnaca, Beirut, Amman, Dubai, Kuwait, Cairo, Port Louis, and more. This extensive network reflects CFI’s dedication to serving a diverse clientele with tailored financial solutions.

Across 19+ global markets, CFI provides a versatile trading environment, encompassing stocks, forex, commodities, indices, ETFs, and other financial products.

Way Forward

  • Webinar Series: CFI’s Research and Education team launches the “Trade with AI Advantage” webinar series to simplify the understanding of AI in trading.
  • Elite Team: The webinars, hosted by an elite team of market analysts and AI industry experts, will guide traders through AI-assisted trading.
  • Global Presence: CFI’s commitment to educating traders and its innovative AI tools reinforce its position as a leader in reshaping financial markets.
  • Client Support: With 24/7 client support, daily technical reports, free webinars, and dedicated account managers, CFI ensures a best-in-class trading experience for clients spanning over 100+ countries.

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