Centroid Integrates GTN’S Price Discovery Data Feed

Centroid Solutions, a prominent fintech provider based in Dubai, has revealed the successful integration of GTN’s robust price discovery data feed into its versatile multi-asset bridging platform, Centroid Bridge. Centroid Solutions’ clients can now access GTN’s price data feed, expanding their trading abilities and creating new opportunities in the global market.

About Centroid and GTN’S Price Discovery Data Feed Integration 

Centroid Solutions integrates GTN’s price discovery data feed into its Centroid Bridge, enhancing client trading capabilities. GTN’s diverse multi-asset offerings enable local and international brokers to expand into global markets seamlessly.

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What Does It Mean for Users?

Centroid Solutions integrates GTN’s price discovery data feed into Centroid Bridge, enhancing trading capabilities for clients globally. Here is what it means for users:

Enhanced Market Access

Users can now access GTN’s consolidated price data feed, keeping them updated on market movements across various assets. This broader market access empowers users to make informed trading decisions and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

Improved Trading Capabilities

With access to GTN’s high-quality price feed, users can enhance their trading capabilities. The availability of accurate and reliable market data enables users to execute trades more effectively, leading to potentially improved outcomes.

Diversified and Global Investment Opportunities

The integration facilitates access to GTN’s extensive multi-asset offerings and allows users to diversify their investment portfolios. Diversify assets, spread risk, and seize market opportunities to enhance portfolio performance.

Empowered Broker Solutions

The integration into the company’s Centroid Bridge provides brokers with a comprehensive set of trading solutions.

About Centroid

Centroid Solutions is a distinguished multi-asset fintech provider, delivering state-of-the-art technology solutions tailored to financial institutions. Centroid offers technology solutions to help brokers improve their business performance, diversify their product range, and foster growth. The company has years of experience in bridging and execution engines and risk management. 

About GTN

With years of experience, GTN stands out as a leading fintech provider. GTN holds broker-dealer and capital markets services licenses across various jurisdictions through its subsidiaries to empower brokers, banks, asset managers, and fintech enterprises. GTN empowers financial institutions by holding broker-dealer and capital markets services licenses across multiple jurisdictions through its subsidiaries. 

Way Ahead

Centroid Solutions and its clients begin an exciting journey with GTN’s price discovery data feed integration. With a commitment to excellence and a forward-thinking approach, Centroid Solutions will likely navigate the financial landscape confidently while empowering its users with cutting-edge solutions. 

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