CCData and BMLL Collaborate to Enhance Crypto Analytics

CCData and BMLL Technologies have partnered to enhance access to market data in digital and traditional asset sectors. CCData offers digital asset data solutions, and BMLL  provides Level 3 historical data and analytics. This collaboration will deliver complete analytics solutions to meet the evolving needs of the financial market.

About the Partnership 

The partnership will address the complexities of the financial markets. They will create a unified platform streamlining data analysis across traditional and digital asset markets. It will facilitate deeper market insights and enhance the data-driven decision-making process. It will provide institutional clients with tailored digital asset data solutions to ensure access to reliable and comprehensive market data.

Benefits For Clients

This collaboration will offer numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Comprehensive Market Analysis

Traders and investors will have BMLL’s expanded data coverage, including APAC equities and ETF data. This data pool will support detailed market analysis and promote informed decision-making.

Enhanced Data Accessibility

The partnership will use platforms like the Snowflake Marketplace to enhance dataset availability and simplify access to critical market data. Traders and investors will easily integrate and utilize data for analysis to improve the efficiency of their research and trading strategies.

High-Quality Historical Data

Both companies will deliver high-quality, historical order book data. Traders and investors will have reliable and detailed insights into past market behaviours to help predict future market movements and trends.

Unified Data Analysis

BMLL allows users to analyze movements across traditional and digital asset markets by harmonizing Level 3 data across equities, ETFs, and futures into a consistent format. It enables traders to gain a holistic view of market dynamics and enhance their ability to make cross-market comparisons. 

Streamlined Data Management

The partnership simplifies access to critical data solutions and removes the complexities of managing, integrating, and processing large volumes of data. This data management process saves time for focusing on strategy development and execution.

About CCData

CCData is an FCA-authorized benchmark administrator that provides digital asset data solutions and settlement indices. It delivers accurate and reliable digital asset data to institutional clients to enhance decision-making. CCData aims to meet the increasing demand for comprehensive and high-quality financial market data.

About BMLL Technologies

BMLL Technologies is a granular level 3 historical data and analytics provider. It offers financial market participants, academic institutions, and regulators access to detailed order book data and analytics to understand market behaviours. BMLL’s mission is to empower clients by providing high-quality, historical order book data across equities, ETFs, futures, and digital assets in a harmonized format. 

Looking Ahead

This partnership strives to provide high-quality, historical order book data. Both firms will address the increasing institutional demand for detailed and reliable crypto analytics. This collaboration will offer exceptional insights into market dynamics for informed decision-making.

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