provider Partners with Trulioo to Fast-Track Onboarding  has partnered with Trulioo to fast-track onboarding. is a global trading platform, and Trulioo is an identity verification provider. This collaboration will enhance the efficiency, security, and compliance of’s onboarding procedures using Trulioo’s verification technology.

Details of the Partnership to Fast-Track Onboarding

The partnership will streamline’s client onboarding process. It will reduce the time required for client verification, improve accuracy in identity checks, and ensure compliance with international regulatory standards. The partnership will also enhance user experience by providing a seamless and efficient onboarding journey. will reduce the time and effort of onboarding new clients using Trulioo’s extensive network of data sources and advanced verification technology. Trulioo’s GlobalGateway platform will enable real-time identity verification. 

Benefits for Traders

The and Trulioo partnership will offer numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Faster Account Setup

Traders and investors can open accounts and start trading more quickly. reduces the time needed for identity checks with Trulioo’s advanced verification technology. It will minimise long waiting periods to access trading platforms.

Enhanced Security

Trulioo’s verification solutions provide robust security measures, minimising the risk of identity fraud. This partnership ensures users’ personal and financial information is protected.

Improved User Experience

The integration of efficient verification processes enhances the overall user experience. Traders and investors experience a smooth, hassle-free onboarding process, allowing them to focus more on trading and less on administrative procedures.

Reliable Verification Process

Trulioo’s data source network ensures accurate and reliable identity verification. Traders and investors can trust that the platform is secure and that all users have been thoroughly vetted.

More Trading Opportunities

With a faster onboarding process, traders and investors can quickly respond to market opportunities. It benefits in trading, where timing can significantly affect investment outcomes.

Global Accessibility

Trulioo’s global reach will let onboard global users. Traders and investors from various regions can easily access’s trading services, expanding their investment opportunities. is a trading platform that offers multiple financial markets, like stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies. It serves clients in over 50 countries. provides a user-friendly platform with advanced trading tools, educational resources, and AI-driven insights. It offers commission-free trading and tight spreads. holds multiple regulatory licenses, backing its credibility and trustworthiness.


Trulioo is a global identity verification company that provides real-time verification of individuals and businesses. It utilises its extensive network of data sources across over 195 countries. Trulioo aims to enable secure and compliant digital interactions. It offers identity verification services, like Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB), and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solutions. The company’s GlobalGateway platform provides access to over 400 trusted data sources, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Future Outlook

The partnership will enhance onboarding, reduce verification times, and maintain high compliance standards. will provide a seamless experience for its clients with security.

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