provider Integrates TradingView’s Advanced Charting Tools, a leading retail FX and CFDs broker has partnered strategically with TradingView, the premier provider of charting and analytical tools. 

About the Advanced Charting Tools has announced a strategic partnership with TradingView, the world’s top provider of charting and analytical tools. This collaboration allows clients to access TradingView’s advanced financial visualisation tools, including enhanced drawing tools, customisable charts, and a wide array of indicators, directly within the platform. This partnership aims to provide a seamless user experience, enabling traders to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. 

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What Does It Mean?

Here is what it means for users. 

Access to Advanced Charting Tools

With the integration of TradingView’s charting tools, users can access some of the most advanced and comprehensive financial visualisation tools available. This includes enhanced drawing tools, customisable charts, and various indicators. This will enable users to perform more sophisticated technical analysis and make informed trading decisions.

Seamless User Experience

Users can now access TradingView’s powerful charting tools directly from the platform without switching between different interfaces. This seamless integration provides added convenience and ensures a smoother, more efficient trading experience.

Enhanced Analysis Capabilities

The partnership introduces popular analysis tools such as Fibonacci, Gann, and Elliot wave analysis, along with over 30 additional indicators. These tools support a variety of trading strategies and help users better understand market trends and price movements.

Improved Customisation

The new features include customising chart colours and layouts, saving indicator templates, and setting up personalised trading environments. This level of customisation allows users to tailor the platform to their specific needs and preferences, enhancing their overall trading experience.

Real-Time Multi-Market Monitoring

Users can simultaneously monitor price action across multiple markets, providing a broader view of market movements and opportunities. This feature is particularly beneficial for traders who operate in various markets and must keep track of different assets simultaneously.

Efficient Trade Planning

With over 35 drawing tools, including rulers and emojis, users can plan their trades more effectively. These tools help traders visualise their strategies and execute their trades more precisely.

About is a fintech company offering an advanced online trading platform to provide secure and efficient investment management services. Founded in 2016, the company leverages artificial intelligence to analyse users’ trading behaviours, helping them make more profitable decisions. The company offers its services in 23 languages, aiming to make finance more accessible and engaging worldwide.

About TradingView

TradingView is a premier charting platform and social network used by millions of traders and investors worldwide to spot opportunities across global markets. Established in 2011, TradingView provides advanced charting tools, real-time market data, and an active community where users can share trading ideas and strategies. 

Way Ahead’s partnership with TradingView significantly advances its mission to provide top-tier trading tools to its clients. By integrating TradingView’s advanced charting capabilities, enhances the user experience, offering traders more robust and efficient tools. In the future, this will positively impact its customer satisfaction levels. 

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