provider announces 0% Overnight Fees on Non-Leveraged CFDs, a leading Retail FX and CFD broker has announced a significant change. The company has removed overnight funding for non-leveraged CFDs (1:1 leverage) trades on shares and cryptocurrencies. This decision aligns with’s commitment to reducing trading costs for clients and supporting long-term, investment-style trading strategies.

Removal of Overnight Fees on Non-Leveraged CFDs has announced the removal of overnight funding costs for non-leveraged CFDs (1:1 leverage) trades on shares and cryptocurrencies. This change, effective immediately, aims to reduce traders’ trading costs and support their engagement in longer-term investment strategies. 

The decision follows a trend observed by, where 89% of non-leveraged overnight positions in Q2 2024 were in stocks and cryptocurrencies, in stark contrast to the 28% in commodities. 

This move highlights’s commitment to providing its clients with a cost-effective and flexible trading environment.

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What Does It Mean for the Users?

Enhanced Trading Flexibility’s elimination of overnight funding for non-leveraged CFD trades on shares and cryptocurrencies allows traders to keep their positions open for extended periods without incurring additional costs. This change supports traders who prefer longer-term trading strategies, providing them with the flexibility to hold positions without the worry of overnight fees.

Cost Efficiency

By removing overnight funding fees for non-leveraged trades, is helping traders reduce their overall trading costs. This is particularly beneficial for those involved in longer-term investments in stocks and cryptocurrencies, as it eliminates the extra financial burden of maintaining positions overnight.

Support for Diverse Trading Strategies

The data from shows that retail traders are increasingly moving beyond day trading to experiment with longer-term positions. The new policy supports this shift by providing a cost-effective environment for traders to explore various trading styles, including investment-style strategies, without being penalised by overnight funding fees.

About The is one of the fastest-growing trading platforms, providing an intuitive, technology-driven experience for traders around the globe. Founded to empower traders to make better decisions, offers a range of tools and resources to help users trade confidently and effectively. Traders can access over 3,000 markets across various asset classes, including Shares, Forex, Indices, Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies.

Way Ahead’s decision to eliminate overnight funding on non-leveraged CFD trades marks a significant shift towards supporting long-term trading strategies. As retail traders increasingly explore extended investment horizons, this policy change positions as a proactive broker committed to reducing costs and enhancing trading flexibility. This approach is likely to strengthen’s reputation as a leader in the online brokerage industry.

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