Bloomberg Launches Automated Electronic Workflow

Bloomberg has unveiled an automated electronic workflow for trading and reporting EUR Interest Rate Swap (IRS) v Bond Future contracts through Eurex. This innovative end-to-end solution simplifies trading operations for sell-side participants, offering entire straight-through processing (STP) via Bloomberg’s advanced technology.

Bloomberg Launches Automated Electronic Workflow – What it Means?

Here’s how this will impact the traders. 

Bolstering Efficiency for Sell-Side Participants

The newly introduced automated electronic workflow by Bloomberg empowers sell-side participants acting as executing brokers to conduct trades seamlessly. Through a unified interface, these participants benefit from entire straight-through processing (STP) leveraging Bloomberg’s cutting-edge technology.

Seamless Submission and Approval for FCMs

Futures Commission Merchants (FCMs) can now experience a seamless, no-touch submission and approval process. This innovation ensures market participants meet exchange-mandated reporting timelines, effectively minimising operational risks. Additionally, it significantly reduces the historical manual burden associated with basis trading.

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Versatile Solution for Euro-Denominated IRS Spreads

The current offering covers Euro-denominated IRS spreads to Eurex bond futures contracts. Available on both matched maturity basis and versus spot benchmark tenors for IRS traded on Bloomberg’s affiliated trading venues, the solution is set to expand its coverage. Future extensions will include spreads versus cash instruments and additional exchange connectivity.

Enhanced Electronification for Workflow Optimization

The commitment to investing in new functionality ensures ongoing support for clients’ evolving needs, focusing on expanding the offering to include a broader range of instruments.

Bloomberg Electronic Trading Solutions (ETS): A Leading Choice

Utilised by leading financial institutions globally, Bloomberg ETS enables efficient trading in over 175 markets. With a client base exceeding 9,000 firms, Bloomberg ETS provides industry-leading depth and breadth of liquidity across asset classes. The comprehensive solutions offered by Bloomberg ETS span the entire trading lifecycle, including robust price transparency, analytics, automation, and execution, all powered by Bloomberg’s high-quality, multi-asset class data and tools.

About Bloomberg

Bloomberg Electronic Trading Solutions (ETS) empowers financial institutions worldwide to trade efficiently across 175 markets. With over 9,000 client firms leveraging Bloomberg ETS, users can access extensive liquidity and comprehensive solutions across the trading lifecycle. Bloomberg remains committed to enhancing functionality and expanding instrument coverage to meet evolving market demands.

Way Ahead

As the platform evolves to encompass a broader range of instruments, Bloomberg ETS continues providing market participants with unparalleled transparency, analytics, and execution capabilities.

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