Blockchain Expert Luke Dorney Joins LMAX as Head of Custody

LMAX has named Luke Dorney as the Head of Custody. LMAX Group is a financial technology company operating multiple institutional execution venues for FX and crypto trading. 

About the Appointment

Luke Dorney is an expert in blockchain technology. He brings extensive experience in digital assets and blockchain. He will develop and implement LMAX’s digital asset custody services to enhance security and efficiency for institutional clients. LMAX will utilise his expertise to build an advanced custody platform that meets the highest security and compliance standards. LMAX will attract more institutional clients and solidify the company’s reputation under his leadership.

About Luke Dorney

Luke Dorney has more than 15 years of experience in the financial and technology sectors, with a strong focus on blockchain and digital assets. He began his career at J.P. Morgan, gaining valuable insights into the financial industry. Dorney later transitioned to focus on blockchain technology. He worked with Zodia Custody as head of sales and partnership, SC ventures by Standard Chartered as a business head, and Blockdaemon as general manager and VP of sales, US and EMEA.

Benefits for Traders 

This appointment will offer numerous benefits to traders and Investors:

Enhanced Security

Luke Dorney is an expert in blockchain technology and digital asset security. With him, LMAX’s custody services will offer enhanced protection for investments. Dorney’s background ensures that the latest and most effective security measures will be in place, reducing the risk of asset theft or loss.

Improved Trust and Compliance

Dorney’s experience with regulatory compliance will ensure that LMAX’s custody services meet the highest standards. This compliance will increase your confidence in the platform, as you will know that your assets are managed in a fully regulated and transparent environment.

Innovative Custody Solutions

Under Dorney’s leadership, LMAX plans to introduce cutting-edge custody solutions. These innovations will include advanced encryption and multi-signature wallets. They will provide the most secure and efficient ways to store digital assets.

Seamless Integration

LMAX will create a custody platform that seamlessly integrates with other financial services. It will simplify trading and investment processes, making it easier to manage portfolios within a single, unified platform.

Expert Leadership

Someone with a deep understanding of the digital asset landscape will guide LMAX’s custody services. He will ensure the platform evolves to stay ahead of industry trends.

Enhanced Client Reporting 

Expect improved client reporting tools under Dorney’s direction. These tools will provide detailed, real-time insights into holdings. They will help traders make more informed trading and investment decisions.

Increased Market Confidence

Dorney’s appointment will likely attract more institutional clients to LMAX, increasing overall market confidence in the platform. Traders and investors will benefit from being part of a growing and trusted community of market participants.

About LMAX

LMAX is a financial technology company founded in 2010. It operates institutional execution venues for FX and crypto trading and provides a transparent marketplace for institutional clients. LMAX ensures fair and efficient trading with high performance and low latency. It continuously expands its services, including LMAX Digital, for digital assets. The company aims to offer secure and reliable trading and custody solutions and to lead in the financial and digital asset markets.


Luke Dorney’s appointment as Head of Custody reinforces its commitment to providing top-tier digital asset services. His expertise will enhance the security and efficiency of LMAX’s custody solutions.

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