Bartosz, Ex-Admirals Board, Launches FX/CFD Brokerage Firm

Bartosz Bielec, a seasoned expert in the financial sector, has introduced a new FX/CFD brokerage firm – Prime Quotes. This brings a well-experienced leader into the market, and the launch promises to improve the FX/CFD industry dynamics.

About Bartosz Bielec

Bartosz Bielec has rich experience in the financial industry. He served as a Director and Board Member at Admirals, helping to shape the strategic direction and growth there. He was also the Chief Commercial Officer at Alpari, driving commercial strategies and expanding the company’s market presence there. His extensive knowledge and leadership supported growth and innovation in these firms.

What the New FX/CFD Brokerage Firm Will Offer?

The new FX/CFD brokerage firm will offer  numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Diverse Markets

With Prime Quotes focusing on African and Asian markets and planning expansion into Europe and Australia, traders and investors gain exposure to various markets. This diversification helps spread risk and take advantage of global market conditions.

Innovative Product Offerings 

Prime Quotes offers traditional CFD products and will launch a digital asset exchange. Traders can engage in conventional and cryptocurrency markets with this variety. They can cater to diverse investment strategies and preferences.

Experienced Leadership

The leadership team, including industry veterans like Bartosz Bielec and Tomasz Wiśniewski, brings extensive experience and expertise. Their vision and industry knowledge provide confidence to traders and investors, ensuring well-informed decisions and efficient management.

Regulatory Compliance and Trust  

Prime Quotes has secured licenses in Saint Lucia, South Africa, and Mauritius. It operates under stringent regulatory standards. It ensures a secure trading environment, safeguarding investor interests.

Advanced Technology and Tools  

Prime Quotes will leverage modern technology to offer advanced trading platforms and tools. It will enhance trading efficiency, provide better market insights, and improve the overall trading experience.

About The New Venture – Prime Quotes

Bartosz Bielec founded Prime Quotes, a new brokerage firm. The company aims to restructure the FX/CFD market by offering transparency. It will leverage advanced technology and offer customer-centric services. Prime Quotes will provide a fresh perspective and innovative solutions.

Prime Quotes has secured licenses in Saint Lucia, South Africa, and Mauritius. These licenses establish credibility and ensure regulatory compliance. They also facilitate the company’s strategic expansion into various markets, enhancing its operational scope and trustworthiness among global clients.

Prime Quotes is expanding its services in the African and Asian markets, high-growth regions with a booming interest in FX/CFD trading. The company also plans to extend its operations to Europe and Australia. It aims to tap into these established markets and broaden its global footprint.

Prime Quotes offers multiple traditional CFD products and offers traders diverse investment options. The company is also in the process of launching a digital asset exchange that will include cryptocurrency trading. This new offering will attract a broader audience interested in digital assets.


The launch of Prime Quotes by Bartosz Bielec will make a considerable impact. Prime Quotes will expand its market reach and enhance its product portfolio. Traders and investors will benefit from eminent services.

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