Bakkt Integrates with Unchained for Enhanced Bitcoin Custody Solutions

Bakkt Holdings, Inc. (“Bakkt”) (NYSE: BKKT) has announced its partnership with Unchained, making its enterprise collaborative custody product accessible through Bakkt. This collaboration represents a significant stride towards bolstering security measures for Bitcoin holders, leveraging a vault secured by multiple institutional key agents.

Bakkt Integrates with Unchained – About the Partnership 

Bakkt integrates with Unchained to enhance its collaborative custody product, enhancing security for bitcoin holders. This collaboration offers a multi-institutional key agent approach, providing increased asset safety. 

CEO Gavin Michael highlights the importance of secure custody amid regulatory uncertainties. Unchained’s CEO, Joe Kelly, underscores Bakkt’s role as a regulated custodian, aligning with their mission of ensuring asset safety. The partnership is significant in addressing institutional demand for secure bitcoin storage solutions.

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What Does It Mean for Users?

The integration of Bakkt with Unchained’s network holds significant implications for users, particularly bitcoin holders and institutional investors:

Enhanced Security Measures

Joining Unchained’s collaborative custody network offers users heightened security measures. Utilizing a vault secured by multiple institutional key agents offers an added layer of protection for their Bitcoin assets.

Streamlined Access to Custody Solutions

The collaboration between Bakkt and Unchained simplifies access to custody solutions for users. Users can seamlessly leverage Bakkt’s platform as an institutional signatory for Unchained customers’ multi-signature vaults through this integration. 

Diversified Custody Options

Institutional investors, in particular, benefit from the availability of diversified custody options. This diversity allows users to customise their approach to asset protection, enhancing their overall investment strategy.

Assurance of Regulatory Compliance

Bakkt’s status as a regulated custodian further reinforces users’ confidence in regulatory compliance. This regulatory compliance assurance is crucial for institutional investors seeking reputable and trustworthy partners in cryptocurrency.

About Bakkt

Bakkt is a digital gateway to innovative cryptocurrency services. Offering a seamless and secure platform, provides users with access to a range of custody solutions tailored to meet their needs. Bakkt is at the forefront of revolutionising the digital asset ecosystem, from institutional-grade custody services to innovative trading products.

About Unchained 

As the digital frontier of secure cryptocurrency custody, Unchained offers a comprehensive suite of innovative solutions to safeguard digital assets. Through its collaborative custody model, Unchained provides users unparalleled security by utilising a vault secured by multiple institutional key agents. This approach ensures enhanced protection for Bitcoin holdings.

Way Forward

Bakkt’s integration with Unchained’s network heralds a future of expansion in cryptocurrency custody services. The company is set to introduce innovative products, expand its global reach, and prioritise regulatory compliance. Leveraging partnerships and innovative technology, Bakkt aims to strengthen its position as a trusted custodian in the rapidly evolving digital asset landscape.
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