B2Broker Updates B2Trader with Advanced Features

B2Broker has introduced significant updates to its B2Trader platform. B2Broker is a liquidity and technology provider. B2Trader is a matching engine for trading platforms, including exchanges and market makers. The latest updates enhance the platform’s functionality and provide a more streamlined and customisable experience.

B2Broker Updates B2Trader – About the New Version

These are the new features of the B2Trader update:

BBP Prime

Integrated Prime Brokerage Platform (BBP) for centralised balance management and efficient trade processing.

Customisable Templates

Template constructor for creating, importing, exporting, and saving customisable workspace layouts.

Enhanced Reporting System

New report types provide detailed insights into trading activities for better performance analysis and decision-making.

Superior Account Management

Direct account selection from the trading terminal, allowing seamless management of multiple accounts.

Customisable Workspaces with Tabs

Introduction of tabs for managing multiple trading environments with custom setups and pre-configured layouts.


Mobile app with integration to B2Core, account management, balance overview, flexible market screen, and customisation options.

Key Features of the BBP iOS App

  • Integrates with B2Core, providing secure and seamless authentication for users.
  • Ability to manage accounts and view balances directly from the app.
  • A flexible market screen that displays comprehensive order information.
  • Customisable app with various themes and settings to suit trader’s preferences.

Benefits for Traders

This new update will offer numerous benefits to traders and investors:

Enhanced Efficiency

B2Trader’s direct account selection from the trading terminal allows traders to manage multiple accounts effortlessly. This feature streamlines operations by reducing the time spent switching between accounts, enabling quicker and more efficient trading decisions.

Improved Customisation

The introduction of customisable workspaces with tabs provides traders with the flexibility to create and manage different trading environments. This allows for personalised setups and pre-configured layouts, making it easier to implement and switch between various trading strategies.

Real-Time Data Access

The enhanced reporting system in B2Trader offers detailed insights into trading activities with new report types. Traders can access comprehensive trade summaries and risk assessments.

On-the-Go Trading

The new BBP iOS app supports mobile trading, which is increasingly popular among traders. With features like integration with B2Core, account management, balance overview, and a flexible market screen, traders can monitor and execute trades from anywhere, ensuring they never miss an opportunity.

Personalised Experience

The BBP iOS app allows for extensive customisation and themes, giving traders a personalised trading experience. This flexibility helps traders tailor the app to their preferences, enhancing their overall trading efficiency and satisfaction.

About B2Broker

B2Broker, established in 2014, is a prime liquidity and technology provider. It serves the forex and cryptocurrency sectors. B2Broker delivers solutions across seven asset classes, including forex, metals, indices, equity CFDs, energy, ETF CFDs, and crypto CFDs. It integrates multiple trading platforms and the provision of FIX, REST, and WebSocket APIs to facilitate seamless connectivity and tailored trading experiences. The company provides advanced liquidity and trading solutions. It adheres to regulatory standards. Its transparency and client security establish trust and reliability among its clientele.

Final Remarks

B2Trader’s latest updates bring significant enhancements, including superior account management, customisable workspaces, and a robust mobile trading app. They will provide a more efficient and personalised trading experience.

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