ATFX Rebrands Rakuten Securities Australia as AT Global Markets

ATFX has announced a strategic move in its global brand presence by completing the Change of Name for Rakuten Securities Australia Pty Ltd. The entity will now be known as AT Global Markets (Australia) Pty Ltd, adopting the brand name ‘ATFX’ for retail clients and ‘ATFX Connect’ for institutional clients in the APAC region. 

Let’s see what it means and what the new ATFX plans to do for the traders.

ATFX Rebrands Rakuten Securities Australia – What It Means?

The rebranding signifies ATFX’s dedication to providing an exceptional trading experience, aligning with its global reputation for innovative technology, a comprehensive product range, and regulatory compliance. The move is a strategic initiative as the company plans to relocate to a larger office in Sydney in Q2, marking its growth trajectory. 

Furthermore, ATFX’s sponsorship of the Finance Magnates Pacific Summit in August emphasizes its commitment to showcasing technology and customized liquidity solutions through its institutional brand, ATFX Connect.

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What Does it bring for the Traders?

Here’s how the traders will benefit from ATFX’s strategic move. 

Advanced Trading Tools

Traders can expect advanced trading tools, building on ATFX’s reputation for innovative technology and enhancing the overall trading experience.

Access to Educational Resources

ATFX is investing in upgrading its client portal and server, providing traders access to educational resources, and ensuring continuous learning and skill development.

Automatic KYC and Client Onboarding

Introducing an automatic KYC and client onboarding system streamlines processes, offering users a seamless and efficient trading environment.

Enhanced Customer Support

The rebranding is accompanied by a commitment to enhance customer support, ensuring traders receive prompt and practical assistance.

Robust Regulatory Compliance

ATFX remains steadfast in its commitment to regulatory compliance, offering traders a secure and trustworthy trading environment.

About ATFX

ATFX is an established online trading services provider offering various financial instruments, including CFDs and derivatives. Traders can use their platform for online trading across multiple markets, such as currencies, commodities, indices, etc. 

Moreover, ATFX is devoted to providing its clients with efficient trading services backed by a robust FX liquidity pool. Global presence adheres to regulatory standards and offers secure and regulated trading services across multiple jurisdictions.

Way Forward

ATFX strengthens its position in the financial industry with branding, technology upgrades, and sponsorships. The Change of Name represents a significant step forward for ATFX’s operations in Australia, underlining its dedication to offering unparalleled trading services to clients worldwide.

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